It Is a Calling

I have heard growing up with my Dad in sales that it is a “lifestyle” . You can’t just go to work, come home and have it separate.  Just like sales, I feel that lots of jobs have this all the time work ethic thing happening, but we just call it being a “workaholic”.  yes … Continue reading It Is a Calling

Baby Fat

So this is it… Owlet is 7 1/2 months old, bottle fed and now I have no excuse to carry on with this body he and I have created. I know I shouldn’t be hard on myself, but I need to be in the beginning in order to gain motivation. My small group girls who … Continue reading Baby Fat

Renting For Life

In the last 6+ years, I have moved 10 times. I have either lived with family members, apartment with friends, basement suites with my husband. Now we are moving up in the renting world. We will be renting a house! We are extremely excited to start a new chapter. Renting an older house comes with … Continue reading Renting For Life