Meet Jessica Waddell

She is a Mom and wife with talent in so many areas. Sit down with a cup of coffee and get to know Jessica. 1. How many children and ages? One daughter, Presley Ella — she just turned 1! 2 Besides taking care of your family what other jobs do you have? Before I had … Continue reading Meet Jessica Waddell

Working Moms Part 3: Joanna

I am pleased to feature Joanna today as our Amazing, Inspiring , Working Mom.  Joanna and I attended the same High school, although never became friends until she commented on my instagram picture of my children playing outside, and the rest is history.  Along with our friend Sheena, Joanna and I have had many adventures … Continue reading Working Moms Part 3: Joanna

Thrifty Childhood

I love watching my children completely involved in their imagination play. So much personality and passion comes out. The things they are learning in their daily life come out while they are playing and concepts they are just figuring out work their way into their dialogue. My daughter is constantly giving her dolls time outs … Continue reading Thrifty Childhood

Remember the Trenches

Dear Future Self, Remember that time when you became a mom? That first moment when you held your new born son in your arms and you couldn’t stop the tears. You weren’t sure if you were crying because you were relieved that your labor was finally over or if it was because your son was just … Continue reading Remember the Trenches