What is Fair Trade?

We have recently been working closely with The Intersection: Fair Trade. I am so excited to share a giveaway soon with them and would love for you to be aware of their brick and mortar that just opened last week! check them out in Clayton heights


So before we go into who they are and what they do, here is the answers towards what is fair trade 🙂


What is Fair Trade?

Fair Trade is a term and a movement that has been growing in popularity and prominence around the world for a while. However, many of us are still a little bit hazy on what fair trade really means, and why we should buy fair trade products over other products. The following are nine principles set out by the Fair Trade Federation that must be adhered to for products and businesses and cooperatives to be considered “fair trade” (used with the permission of the Fair Trade Federation).


Fair Trade is a strategy for poverty alleviation and sustainable development. Members create social and economic opportunities through trading partnerships with marginalized producers. Members place the interests of producers and their communities as the primary concern of their enterprise.


Fair Trade involves relationships that are open, fair, consistent, and respectful. Members show consideration for both customers and producers by sharing information about the entire trading chain through honest and proactive communication. They create mechanisms to help customers and producers feel actively involved in the trading chain. If problems arise, members work cooperatively with fair trade partners and other organizations to implement solutions.


Fair Trade is a means to develop producers’ independence. Members maintain long-term relationships based on solidarity, trust, and mutual respect, so that producers can improve their skills and their access to markets. Members help producers to build capacity through proactive communication, financial and technical assistance, market information, and dialogue. They seek to share lessons learned, to spread best practices, and to strengthen the connections between communities, including among producer groups.


Fair Trade encourages an understanding by all participants of their role in world trade. Members actively raise awareness about Fair Trade and the possibility of greater justice in the global economic system. They encourage customers and producers to ask questions about conventional and alternative supply chains and to make informed choices. Members demonstrate that trade can be a positive force for improving living standards, health, education, the distribution of power, and the environment in the communities with which they work.


Fair Trade empowers producers to set prices within the framework of the true costs of labor, time, materials, sustainable growth, and related factors. Members take steps to ensure that producers have the capacity to manage this process. Members comply with or exceed international, national, local, and, where applicable, Fair Trade Minimum standards for their employees and producers. Members seek to ensure that income is distributed equitably at all times, particularly equal pay for equal work by women and men. Members ensure prompt payment to all of their partners. Producers are offered access to interest-free advance payment for handmade goods, or pre-finance of agricultural harvest with favorable terms.


Fair Trade means a safe and healthy working environment free of forced labor. Throughout the trading chain, Members cultivate workplaces that empower people to participate in the decisions that affect them. Members seek to eliminate discrimination based on race, caste, national origin, religion, disability, gender, sexual orientation, union membership, political affiliation, age, marital, or health status. Members support workplaces free from physical, sexual, psychological, or verbal harassment or abuse.


Fair Trade means that all children have the right to security, education, and play. Throughout the trading chain, Members respect and support the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, as well as local laws and social norms. Members disclose the involvement of children in production. Members do not support child trafficking and exploitative child labor.


Fair Trade seeks to offer current generations the ability to meet their needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Members actively consider the implications of their decisions on the environment and promote the responsible stewardship of resources. Members reduce, reuse, reclaim, and recycle materials wherever possible. They encourage environmentally sustainable practices throughout the entire trading chain.


Fair Trade celebrates the cultural diversity of communities while seeking to create positive and equitable change. Members respect the development of products, practices, and organizational models based on indigenous traditions and techniques to sustain cultures and revitalize traditions. Members balance market needs with producers’ cultural heritage.

 Fair Trade Federation. “Fair Trade Federation Principles”. Fair Trade Federation. Digital Eye Web Design. 2015. Website. 11 November 2015.

content found on The intersection: Fair Trade

Change, you can’t hide from it

I feel like I am in a blur. Each day is full, needed, constantly deciding what trumps what. And through all of this I have had to make the hardest decisions of my life.

This past month I shared with my Church Family that I am resigning from my position as Youth Pastor. I am not going to lie, this has wrecked me. I have so many emotions and as a positive glass half full kind of thinker it has been ridiculously challenging to see through this. I love my youth, leaders, church, and have known for the longest time this was where I needed to be.

God has plans for your life, to prosper, not to harm, plans to give you a hope and a future. I really relying on what God has in store for me and I am so thankful for my faith in something greater than myself.

Brad and I are so thrilled to finally launch his small business (Onboard Coaching), and with that launch, comes scheduling conflicts, babysitters, deciding who has priority in certain situations, etc etc.

I am also so thrilled to of been a part of the church community, but i constantly am looking forward to seeing who will be blessed to have youth ministry at Bakerview as there next mission! I know God has big plans, and at this moment, this position would be an amazing job to have, participate in molding, vision casting and shaping the future of this beloved church.

I have so many things on my mind, and I wanted to get this out before more questions are asked, more emails, texts, gossip, whatever comes.  here are some of the FAQ and answers

  1. where will you be working next? are you going to be a SAHM?
    1. answer: I am currently looking for a job, part time, 20ish hours a week, close by with evenings free. so if you have any leads?!  I would love to be a stay at home mom, but we have finances, and new adventures i need to help support.
  2. do you want to work in ministry again?
    1. MORE THAN EVER! I love youth ministry, church ministry and still feel called into this field. At this moment, I need to give my husband space to grow, network and develop his business (6ish months?) and than i can maybe look into this avenue again
  3. Where will you attend church?
    1. I don’t know yet, we haven’t decided what our future plans are.
  4. are you moving?
    1. no, i love this question. I am not moving.
  5. what can we do to support you?
    1. We need grace, patience, all the fruits of the spirit. This is a huge decision time for us, so we are trying our best to walk the line of gracefully exiting and sharing our excitement with what is happening in Brads life. We would love support in just sharing well this news, being our friend, bringing a meal during this month while we both balance work life and work life haha.

Thank you for everything! this Feather and Mane community has been incredible. I love sharing life with all of you!

what is happening in your life?! i would love to hear from you


Carla Thiessen

4 tips to get you outdoors, did you guess number 3?

A few weeks ago,we left the hustle and bustle of our regular day and met up with the two beautiful ladies behind Namaste Hiking Co.we spent a magical evening going on a brisk hike up Mt.Thom and while enjoying some quiet moments at the viewpoint, we sipped some amazing tea and had some delicious snacks. It was so calming to engage as a group in yoga ( despite Carla’s giggles and special poses). Here are some ways to get outside more often,

1. Find like minded friends – it’s so important to have one or two friends who are interested to get you going. Maybe similar lifestyles to be able to work around schedules or bring kids into it.sometimes this is hard, so maybe try social media platforms to see if there are any interests in your “friend” circles (facebook, instagram, bloggers,twitter,pinterest,linkdin?)

2. Start small– you don’t need to do the Grouse or Abby grind as soon as you have the motivational explore the outdoors. Just try out something close to your place,even a nice walk like the fort-to-fort trail.

3.find something that is organizedNamaste Hiking Co. was such a great intro to organized yoga as well as hiking.they have multiple types of explorations and you should check them out ! Let us know and we can be your new hiking buddies.

4.It’s all in your head- you need to understand every time you tell yourself you can’t, it really means you won’t. You need to start with your mentality and go from there. Believe you me, I am not perfect and constantly set ridiculous like,it’s to what I can and can’t do. You won’t become an outdoorsy person if you don’t try and say you can! Or find someone to keep you accountable.

We really enjoyed going on this little excursion and look forward to the many social media meet-ups! please check out Namaste Hiking Co!


Carla and Jessica

Marvelous Mothers Part 2: Karen Johnson



Instagram: @kpurenaturals
Facebook: /kpurenaturals
Website: http://www.kpurenaturals.com

We are both huge fans of Karen’s products. Besides the fact that they are our go to for skin care and bath products for our children, they are also what we rely on to pamper ourselves after a long day of mothering. We love supporting local moms and are so thankful that we have found her.

 Meet : Karen Johnson

Tell us a little bit about your family and how long you have had your business up and running?

My husband and I have been together since 2006, and have three sons and a daughter.

Before K’pure I had a fitness studio in Abbotsford for five years.   K’pure evolved from a homemade deodorant into the business it is now, in February 2016.

What was the inspiration behind starting your own business?

I’ve always had the dream of being an entrepreneur. When our oldest was a baby and my mat leave was about to end, I wanted to find a way to stay home with him, while still bringing in an income.   At that time, my passion was fitness, and with no child-friendly gyms in my area, I decided to become a certified trainer and start a stroller fitness class.  That evolved into the fitness studio, which then evolved into k’pure.  I loved having a service driven business, but the only way to generate income was to trade my own hours.  Now with k’pure, I am able to hire a team which means more time with my family. Which is the ultimate inspiration.

What is your favorite part about running your own business?   

 The new studio is a block away and this gives me the freedom to set my own hours, drop off and pick up the kids from school, and be close enough to work that I can whip down to the studio after the kids are in bed.


When do you find time to fit in work? Do you have a Nanny, childcare, or house cleaner? How do you balance it all?

The most productive hours are when the kids are in bed.  There really hasn’t been much balance, but now that I’ve moved the business out of the home, I am able to separate home and work.  This means super late nights, but it means I can wear my ‘mom’ hat when the kids are home.  We don’t have hired childcare help, so being present when the kids are home is super important to me.

What was the greatest advice you have received since becoming a parent or since starting your own business that has helped you?

The best advice is doing what works for you and your family.  Don’t worry about what works for someone else, or beat yourself about ordering take out again or co-sleeping or whatever it is that works for you, works.  Do what makes your family run smoothly.  

What has been your greatest hurdle when it comes to running your own business and raising your family?

Finding that elusive balance.  Feeling like I’m working too much, or not enough.  Feeling spread thin, which is why it’s extra important to find what works for us.

How do you balance your other relationships in your life (such as friends, parents, partner?)


I’ve been the world’s worst friend and spouse the last 16 months.  I’m grateful for an amazing husband and friends who support me and who know that once we find a new groove, and I accept more help with k’pure, that I’ll be back on track as a great friend and partner.

What did you want to be when you were younger?

As a child I wanted to be a vet, but after trying my hand as a vet assistant in my twenties, I quickly changed my mind!

What careers have you had I the past that led to where you are today?

All of the careers have brought me here, and there have been a lot. Even the ones I hated, have taught me something that I can use today.  Here’s the list:  paper girl, Red Robin hostess, receptionist,  hairdresser, car part sales person, delivery driver, vet assistant, insurance sales, waitress, service writer,  personal trainer, business owner.

What advice would you give someone just starting out?

Don’t fall into the trap of doing what everyone else is doing.  Align yourself with people who are more successful than you and ask for advice from successful business people!  Try to stand out in your field by doing things differently than anyone else, and don’t be tempted to take short cuts like buying followers. Staying true to you and your brand will make you stand out and give you a reputation that will want other brands to work with you!




What would your dream Mother’s Day look like?

Sleeping in past 6am!  A lazy morning with my husband and kids at home!


Thank you Karen for taking the time to stop by and give us a little behind the scenes look into your life. We both hope that you have a wonderful mothers day and look forward to finding out who the lucky person will be to win the “Bath Soak Trio”  when we draw the winners name on Mothers day. Check out our instagram @featherandmane for more details on how to enter.

-Jessica and Carla

Winner is—————– Alexis Cloete — congrats mama!

Marvelous Mothers Part 1: Aleena Webber

Follow along on IG: @threecornersartisan
FB: Three Corners Artisan

Aleena Webber

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We are Are excited to feature Aleena, a Fantastic Mom and the founder of the local shop – Three Corners artisan. We were first attracted to her beautiful pieces of art when we saw them at a local market. We immediately started following her on Instagram. Seeing her pieces pop up in shops around our small town made her more of a local hero. In one of her instagram posts she mentioned being a mother and that was the final piece of the puzzle. We had no choice but to meet this amazing women and ask if she would like to be a part of our Mothers Day Feature. What an honor to now let you in on a little inside feature of what life as Aleena Webber is like.


Please tell us a little bit about your family and how long you have had your business up and running?

“I am the momma to three boys 6,4 and 2 and the wife to one very patient, supportive husband. My husband is the reason I started Three Corners Artisan. He thought I should have a hobby, that was a year and a half ago.”

What was the inspiration behind starting your own business?

“I was on my third maternity leave and felt a little lost. Before I had my boys, I had a successful career in retail management. The draw to stay home with my boys was too strong to stay away the 10-12 hour days. My husband said I should start “throwing” again, so I did. The rest is history.”

What is your favorite part about running your own at home business?

“Oh, that I am in complete control haha! The restraints of retail had always frustrated me. Having to ask someone higher up if this is how they wanted this or that handled. How sales and customer service should be handled. It was always people that were higher up making decisions but it was me looking at the faces of the customer, hearing their stories and wanting to do more. I’m so happy starting at the very beginning of my business. I purchase the supplies, I create the pieces, I photograph (sometimes) the pieces, advertising, shipping everything! The best part is knowing and remembering the customers. The first person who bought my first piece. The first market that accepted my application. It’s so personal, and the best part of having my own business.”

Displaying Image-2.png

When do you find time to work? Do you have a Nanny, childcare, or house cleaner? How do you balance it all? Spill the beans!

“I have SO much help! I say I’m the only artisan, and I am when it comes to the creating but I have so much help in other aspects of my business. My parents, in laws and the very best of friends help watch my kiddies and help in my studio. I love them and it means so much to have these people in my lives so I can do what I love.”

Displaying Image-3.png

What was the greatest advice you have received since becoming a parent or since starting your own business?

“The best advice I have received as a parent is that even though you feel like you are in the thickest and deepest, the next day will come. An adventure awaits and it gets better.”

What has been your greatest hurdle when it comes to running your own business and raising your family?

“Separating my family time and my business time. It’s so hard to schedule work days and not give attention to my family. Or give my 100% to my family without thinking or doing something with work.”

How do you balance work and family time? Are you someone who keeps to a schedule or do you just slot time in when you can find it?

“I schedule time on a weekly basis only because things constantly come up. I have a firing schedule for my kiln which makes it a bit easier. Then when I receive orders I can give a more accurate turn around time.”


How do you balance your other relationships in your life (such as friends, parents, partner?)

“There are many hours my friends and hubs have hung out in my studio just to spend time with me. I’m not sure if that’s balance or not?”


What advice would you give someone just starting out?

“Be the truest to yourself and try your very hardest to not compare yourself to others.”



What did you want to be when you were younger?

“A mom”

What was the greatest Mother’s Day/or birthday gift you have ever received?

“My now husband but boyfriend at the time gave me guitar lessons, so I would believe that I could still learn new things.”

What would your dream Mother’s Day look like?

“My family in Tofino. Just the five of us.”


Thank you so much Aleena for taking the time to pop by and letting us get to know you a bit more. You can find Aleena at the Bloom Market in Fort Langley this mothers day weekend. Pop and in and check out her creations for yourself. 

Do not forget to enter our give away on Instagram. Aleena will be giving away a Porcelain gold encrusted pendant to one blessed mama. Draw will be on Mothers day. For entry details go to Instagram and look for Aleenas feature post. 


Join us tomorrow for our next featured Momprenuer. You wont regret it!


-Jessica and Carla


WINNER IS———————–Wellness with Joanna – Contact us when you find out!

S & S

Sareah was non-stop busy at the Abbotsford Bakers Market , so we briefly said hello, grabbed a few photos and tasted some DELICIOUS taste testers. 
1) What is your specialty?
Our specialties are making products that are made with clean ingredients, and are yuck free, as in no chemicals, fillers, hormones etc. We use as many organic ingredients as we can, and/or authentically natural. We specialize in gourmet food and bath/body products. For food our specialty right now is Marshmallows and Candied Pecans.
unnamed (2).jpg
2) Best Seller?
My best sellers at the market were: Sweet & Salty Candied Pecans, Mini Pavlova, Original Marshmallows and the Pumpkin Spiced Chocolate Dipped Marshmallows. 🙂
unnamed (1).jpg
3)How did this all happen?
The two S’s behind S&S are: Scarlett, my (almost) 3 year old daughter, and I am Sareah. We love to cook, bake and create many different things. When Scarlett was around a year, we started these hobbies as something fun to do and our love for it keeps growing. She loves to help me “make” as she calls it.
We first sold bath products and Candied Pecans at the Plaza Christmas Market at the Ramada last year. We were at my sister’s table. (She is Claire from Clairedy Cat & Co.) We almost completely sold out of the Candied Pecans. Then this last summer I sold homemade popsicles and marshmallows at a garage sale and they were a hit! So when I heard about this food market, it was very exciting to be invited to join the first Abbotsford Baker’s Market. Miranda and Raylene did an amazing job and it was a huge success!
 We are having fun getting ourselves out there, taking custom orders and being at markets. We are very excited to have our own table (instead of sharing one, haha) this November at the Plaza Christmas Market at (what was the Ramada) Quality Hotel, hosted by the amazing Carol Larsen.
unnamed 2.jpg
4)anything else you want to share with us?
My cousin Kim, inspired me to make marshmallows from scratch. I loved that it was a healthy alternative to store bought, knowing exactly what would be in the recipe and being able to have fun with flavours, without any junk.
We value you, and want to make it easy for everyone to find products that are enjoyable and guilt free, not having to worry about what you are feeding your kids, or what kind of chemicals or toxins you could be putting on your skin or in your body. We don’t want you to have to sacrifice health for joy. You can have both; and people tell us that they can taste and feel the difference. They don’t get that unpleasant feeling you can get from something like a store bought marshmallow or other sweets.
We are expanding our products and flavours all the time.We are excited to be on this path and share it with you.
And last but not least, a shout out to my Mom, Dad, Teanna, Claire and Scarlett for their support, help, ideas and talents that helped this all come together !
Thank you so much Sareah for sharing with us! we look forward to seeing you at all our favorite market! make sure you check there page!
– Owl and Lion

Battersup Cupcakes and Sweets

Ange Rutherford was a delight to meet at the Abbotsford Bakers Market. She gave us some delicious peanut butter mini cookies!


Ange with her Daughter. the reason she started baking,so she could work from home and spend time with her little lady.


We asked her a few questions on how this all happened

When did you start Battersup Cupcakes and Sweet?

“In March 2015 I started this company” Ange explains I have been baking for friends and family for years and just challenging myself more each time.  Last February I was asked to make mini mouse cupcakes for my girlfriends little girls first birthday. Of course I did and when people saw and tasted them they were on me again to start this as a side business. After talking it over with my husband we decided to start up an Instagram/facebook account and see where it goes. Well I have been non stop busy ever since!! Abbotsford bakers market was only my second market and sold out at both. It’s so nice to have people coming back for my baked goods.” 

Why kind of baked goods do you make?

“Currently I make cupcakes (standard & mini) in a wide selection of flavours and special orders. Mini whoopie pies ( mini cookies with buttercream sandwich between them). And baked donuts!!! I will be adding new sweets to my menu come the new year! “


Favorite thing to make?

  “That’s a tough one because I just LOVE to bake. But right now I think it’s coming up with different flavours for my fancy donuts. And of course the S’more cupcakes. “

Best seller?

Best sellers are by far the S’more and turtle cupcakes. With a closer runner up being the mini Peanut Butter cookies! “

Ange it was truly a treat to meet you this past Sunday afternoon! be sure to check out her facebook page and instagram or email Ange at battersup.cupca8s@gmail.com



-Owl and Lion


The Leaky Teat- Lactation Cookies

Next up on the vendors of the Abbotsford Bakers Market is

Denise Reid the owner of “the leaky teat”


This lady makes DELICIOUS cookies!


here is what Denise had to say in response to our questions

Whats your specialty?

Denise make Lactation Cookies for those who need a boost in there breast milk supply or want to help a friend out and pump some extra milk.

Best Seller?

Chocolate chip is always a crowd pleaser

How did you start?

This was an accidental business. She started by making some for friends and than decided to try on facebook bidding site. Well they were a hit and kept getting more and more orders. Denise’s true desire for this cookie is to help local moms with a leg up on nursing. She really has a passion to help those around her and was truly a generous women! she gives lots of samples for those who are nursing and not 🙂


Thanks for letting us eat and share about your great product!

  • Lion and Owl



Abbotsford Baker's Market

Market day is almost here!

2 days till we get to experience some amazing food, cute atmosphere and lovely people!

We are so excited to cover the event.

We will be Instagram snapping, photo loving, eating baked goods, and interviewing vendors! here are some of the details

for vendor details follow the Facebook page “Abbotsford bakers market”

Clayburn Village Schoolhouse
Hours- 10am -4pm SUNDAY October 2nd!
ADMISSION: $2.00 at the door and kids 12 and under are free! PARKING: parking can either by on either side of the venue, by the Old Clayburn Candy Store or down the road on Wright street.

Featured Female: Carlee

I have been so honoured to be one of the many who have watched this beautiful lady go from a single beautiful girl to a married stunning mama. Now as she stands in the middle of owning her own little business we are proud to help spread the word about this amazing lady and the company she started.


Name and Business:

Hi I’m Carlee from Tumble and Roar Apparel, an online based kids apparel company. I design all my products myself and have them either printed or sewn locally in Vancouver. I started my shop in December of last year, so I just passed my 6 month mark!


How many years have you been pursuing this passion of yours and what brought about this passion?

I am a mom to a 2 year old boy, Luca and he is the inspiration behind Tumble and Roar Apparel. Prior to becoming a mom, I worked in fashion retail management for many years and clothing and dressing people up was one of my passions! When Luca was born, I started to get into shopping locally for him. I loved finding unique pieces for Luca and supporting local shops was much more rewarding than buying from big box stores.

Around the time of my sons 1st birthday, I started to get that feeling like I was losing myself a bit in mommy-hood. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE being a stay-at-home mom and I find it so rewarding to spend my days with Luca. I feel extremely lucky that I don’t have to work outside the home right now. But I also felt like I needed something else in my life that was ‘mine,’ that I could work on and use as a creative outlet; this is where the idea of Tumble and Roar Apparel came from.

Tell me about your family

My husband and I met in University, we both were recruited to play for the Trinity Western varsity soccer teams. I grew up on Vancouver island and my hubby Nick grew up in Montreal, so when we met you could say we were quite different; think island girl meets city boy. We became friends fast and by our second year we were officially a couple.

We married in 2010 in Nick’s hometown of Montreal and welcomed our baby boy Luca in 2014.


How do you balance work and home life?

Oh this is a sticky question! I would love to say that I have dedicated hours for my Tumble and Roar workload and that I have a Pinterest-worthy, beautifully organized workspace…. But that isn’t always the case. Life with a toddler is unpredictable and chaotic, so I try my best to do the majority of my work for Tumble when Luca is napping or asleep for the night. But emails and orders need to be checked and filled and that sometimes happens right in the middle of lunchtime or backyard playtime. It’s a complete juggling act- and sometimes I feel like a super mom and sometimes I feel like a super failure; but in the end, the work gets done and the playtime never stops with a 2 year old!


What is your goal for you company?

My goals for Tumble and Roar really correspond with my family life. I want to run a successful at-home business that brings me joy and fulfillment, but this business cannot get in the way of my first priority: my family. This business fulfills a passion of mine, but I do and always will put my job as mama bear first!

I love the creative process of designing something from nothing and seeing it come to life! When I receive photos back from customers of their little ones rocking one of my designs, the feeling is indescribable! My goal is to make my customers happy; I want them to love my designs and the quality of the pieces. Being a mom myself, I only create and sell items that I would dress my own child in. I focus on creating unique pieces that are high quality and comfortable.

What is your outlet?

When I need to clear my head- I go for a run or head to the local yoga studio. These two activities are my outlets; they are my therapy.

What motivates you?

I am SO motivated by some of the amazing people in my life; especially my fellow mama friends. I am always so humbled and inspired by how strong and selfless these woman are. Spending time with other moms is so rewarding to me because it is such a community and every family is so different and dynamic, but all these moms are killing it and are rock stars in my eyes. These ladies motivate me to be a better mom, better wife, better friend, and better business person whenever we connect.


What sucks the life out of you?

There’s a saying we used to use in my old occupation of ‘eat the worm.’ This message relates to your ‘to do’ lists and conquering the thing on there that is most annoying, most bothersome and most difficult. A common habit is to ignore that ‘worm’ and check off all the other items and are more enjoyable. (Isn’t is so satisfying to check items off a list?!?) However, that ‘worm’ will just haunt you and weigh on you until it’s done; hence ‘eat the worm!’ Get rid of it first!

When I don’t ‘eat the worm’ and the same daunting task rolls over on my weekly to do list from week to week…. the life gets sucked out of me! I really should learn from this lesson, but it’s one that repeats itself much too frequently- oops!


Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

In ten years I see myself being THAT carpool mom, driving kiddos to school and activities and loving the mom-life. I hope I’m sitting on the soccer field sidelines with my other mom friends, with coffee in hand, watching our mini’s play their little hearts out! My hubby will be there on the sidelines too- probably coaching!

What does your dream retirement look like?

I hope it’s filled with family, friends and happiness; whatever that may look like in 30+ years 🙂

Thank you so much Carlee for your honest answers and for sharing your creativity with the world. So inspired by your heart for motherhood and for making something that is your “own”. Keep it up lady.

Also, Thank you for your generous donation of a T-Shirt for one of our very lucky followers.

image1 (2)

Stay tuned tonight at 6pm PST for the announcement of our give away! Check out and follow tumble and roar and you will soon become as in love with their toddler clothes as we are.

Instagram : @tumbleandroar

Facebook: tumbeandroar

Web site:  tumble and roar 


-lioness and Carlee!