S & S

Sareah was non-stop busy at the Abbotsford Bakers Market , so we briefly said hello, grabbed a few photos and tasted some DELICIOUS taste testers.  1) What is your specialty? Our specialties are making products that are made with clean ingredients, and are yuck free, as in no chemicals, fillers, hormones etc. We use as many … Continue reading S & S

Abbotsford Baker's Market

Market day is almost here! 2 days till we get to experience some amazing food, cute atmosphere and lovely people! We are so excited to cover the event. We will be Instagram snapping, photo loving, eating baked goods, and interviewing vendors! here are some of the details for vendor details follow the Facebook page “Abbotsford … Continue reading Abbotsford Baker's Market

Let them Cook!

Cooking with kids is so annoying. It takes a lot of energy for set up, during, and most of all clean up. Why even bother? They never eat what I make anyways, so why involve them in the process? These are all valid feelings and questions but I am going to try and convince you … Continue reading Let them Cook!