Renting For Life

In the last 6+ years, I have moved 10 times. I have either lived with family members, apartment with friends, basement suites with my husband. Now we are moving up in the renting world. We will be renting a house! We are extremely excited to start a new chapter. Renting an older house comes with … Continue reading Renting For Life

Bandana Bibs (part 2)

So here are some of the bibs I made for my baby yesterday. My amazing sister-in-law let me use her sewing machine and held my child while I worked away on these. The front fabric is cotton, and the backs are either a towel or a flannel cotton receiving blanket. I found the desired size … Continue reading Bandana Bibs (part 2)

DIY Bath paints

Loved this one! Home made bath paints were easy to make and they both had so much fun making a complete mess. My sons reaction was “my thinks this is awesome”. I kept hearing him say “so awesome” under his breath as he and his sister created a wonderful piece of art work all over … Continue reading DIY Bath paints

Bandana Bibs

Here are some of the amazing materials I bought on Etsy to make my little one some bibs. He has recently switched to formula (which makes him spit up more than nursing), and I don’t want to be sitting with him constantly for the whole time he is up to make sure he doesn’t spit … Continue reading Bandana Bibs