Rookie DIY projects

Sometimes I think “I love DIY projects, I am going to make a desk out of pallets and sand it down and do it all myself”.  Than reality kicks in and I do not have that much creativity in my life. I love DIY projects to a certain degree. SO, here is a sample of … Continue reading Rookie DIY projects

Child Art into Styled Art

  I put my sweet little kiddos and their little fingers at work today. Collaborating with my children makes my heart soar. Also so excited for us to work together and make a masterpiece. Today’s masterpiece is for my mom, their nana, and it just seemed fitting that her house warming gift be something that … Continue reading Child Art into Styled Art

Home Made Bubbles

Yesterday we made bubbles! I found a recipe a while ago on Pinterest and pinned it to my board. I finally made it and my kids love it! The bubbles last so much longer than the stuff i bought from the dollar store and I have a whole lot of it. Not sure if it … Continue reading Home Made Bubbles