Mom: The Comedian

I have a clear early memory of my father standing in the deli department busting out his embarrassing dance moves to one of his favorite songs, that was blaring over the grocery story sound system. With each dance move he kept trying to get his children to join in as they stared back at him with eyes … Continue reading Mom: The Comedian

Nap time Ninja

My children are great sleepers. They take 1 nap in the afternoon and sleep 11-12 hours at night. They fall asleep on their own and normally wake up happy. This is all wonderful and great but let me tell you they did not come into this world as good sleepers. This mama had to work … Continue reading Nap time Ninja

My Fathers Legacy

Happy Father DAY!! Being a dad is not an easy job. I do not actually know this first hand but I have been an observer of a father for 29 years and I am now watching my husband enter this same role. You not only have to work and provide for your family but you … Continue reading My Fathers Legacy