The Pop up shop Boom!

I do not know about you, but I have a Love/Jealous relationship with all these adorable and successful little Pop up shops all over Instagram and other social medias. These inspiring stay at home or working moms are adding to the chaos of their already busy lives and starting creative and beautiful home businesses. I … Continue reading The Pop up shop Boom!

Bandana Bibs (part 2)

So here are some of the bibs I made for my baby yesterday. My amazing sister-in-law let me use her sewing machine and held my child while I worked away on these. The front fabric is cotton, and the backs are either a towel or a flannel cotton receiving blanket. I found the desired size … Continue reading Bandana Bibs (part 2)

Bandana Bibs

Here are some of the amazing materials I bought on Etsy to make my little one some bibs. He has recently switched to formula (which makes him spit up more than nursing), and I don’t want to be sitting with him constantly for the whole time he is up to make sure he doesn’t spit … Continue reading Bandana Bibs