Thrifty Childhood

I love watching my children completely involved in their imagination play. So much personality and passion comes out. The things they are learning in their daily life come out while they are playing and concepts they are just figuring out work their way into their dialogue. My daughter is constantly giving her dolls time outs … Continue reading Thrifty Childhood

10 Summer Time Tips

WATER- Water is so important. Especially because children and babies don’t know how important it is. If a child says they are thirsty it means that they are already dehydrated. Some ways that I keep tabs on my children’s water intake is they each have their own water bottle. I refill it at each meal/snack … Continue reading 10 Summer Time Tips

YouTube exercise

I never thought I would say that YouTube is helping me lose weight. I have been doing a couple YouTube video’s a day as well as playing or taking the dog for a walk. I am happy to announce that I have been able to wear a pant size smaller than a few weeks ago! I … Continue reading YouTube exercise