Scondalous Scones

We had the privilege of interviewing Tonia (and Jessa) at the Abbotsford Bakers Market. Tonia makes delicious scones! I feel like if someone isn’t even into baked goods, they always love scones. The classic, sweet and savory that hits everyone’s tastebuds. Scondalous scones debut was at the Abbotsford Bakers Market, and we are so glad they … Continue reading Scondalous Scones

Abbotsford Baker's Market

Market day is almost here! 2 days till we get to experience some amazing food, cute atmosphere and lovely people! We are so excited to cover the event. We will be Instagram snapping, photo loving, eating baked goods, and interviewing vendors! here are some of the details for vendor details follow the Facebook page “Abbotsford … Continue reading Abbotsford Baker's Market

Working mom: part 2

Today I would like you to meet Kim! Part 2 of working moms  She and I happen to have babies at similar times ( my son is a week older than her second and my daughter is two days younger than her third).  Kim does a lot! And she manages to be an active member … Continue reading Working mom: part 2