Child Art into Styled Art

  I put my sweet little kiddos and their little fingers at work today. Collaborating with my children makes my heart soar. Also so excited for us to work together and make a masterpiece. Today’s masterpiece is for my mom, their nana, and it just seemed fitting that her house warming gift be something that … Continue reading Child Art into Styled Art

Meet Jessica Waddell

She is a Mom and wife with talent in so many areas. Sit down with a cup of coffee and get to know Jessica. 1. How many children and ages? One daughter, Presley Ella — she just turned 1! 2 Besides taking care of your family what other jobs do you have? Before I had … Continue reading Meet Jessica Waddell

Local Treasure. Oldhand

What can I say about Oldhand. I use to love going to this small sushi restaurant called hi lunchbox, located super close to my work and had the friendliest couple working there. they closed down, and I sad. Than, slowly someone was repainting and making it look super cute and old cabiny. and BAM, Oldhand joined … Continue reading Local Treasure. Oldhand