Goal Setting Girls

I am amazing, and I mean amazing, at making plans, setting goals, or even just writing to do lists. I thrive at the first stage of getting organized and making changes. What I need improvement at is actually following through. I recently read this blog post on a group of women who decided to do … Continue reading Goal Setting Girls

We Heart "She Is Clothing"

Hello Friends, Lion and I have been jumping on that bandwagon all those lovely trendy mom’s have jumped on. Which bandwagon are you talking about? well the obvious one, breastfeeding till our children are 3! Just kidding. We Heart She Is Clothing! (the bandwagon is small businesses with sweet t-shirts and kids clothes) “She is … Continue reading We Heart "She Is Clothing"

Balance bikes

My little lion cub absolutely loves his balance bike. He rides it until his legs get tired. I often take advantage of this Love for his bike by taking him on a little bike ride every evening before bed. We go until he cant go anymore. At first he would just walk without touching his … Continue reading Balance bikes

Fish Tacos

Fish Tacos I made these fish tacos last night for dinner. They were a huge success with every member of my pride:) I am do not eat carbohydrates after lunch so I had mine wrapped in lettuce leafs and it was absolutely amazing. So much flavor and freshness in every bite. My little lion cubs … Continue reading Fish Tacos