life after a c-section

I have shared in previous posts about my son’s arrival two years ago. He was an emergency c-section 6 weeks early due to having Placenta Previa. Here I am, Days away from having my next baby, full term and hopefully I will have a chance to try naturally. My emotions are causing me to have … Continue reading life after a c-section

The End is Near

The end of summer is approaching and I am slowly checking off all the things on our “Fun To Do List” that we had set out to accomplish. As I figure out how to cram in the last few things on our list my mind is shifting from summer to fall, from play to work, … Continue reading The End is Near

Balancing Chaos

Before I start. I have no idea what I am doing. I literally make it up one day at a time. most of the time I am making it up one minute at a time. My life can become so Chaotic it is hilarious. One time I actually stopped in the middle of my “life … Continue reading Balancing Chaos