Bath time in my family is, for the most part, a fun way to get clean, waste time before bed, and settle the kids down before curling up in their pj’s and reading books. On most days, our bath experiences are long and full of me warning my children to sit on their bums, keep the water in the tub, and telling them to stop eating the soap or drinking the “bum water”. I have been thinking lately how to make bath time more exciting, and I went and asked one of my really good friends, Pinterest. Pinterest gave me a whole bunch of ways to make bath time fun. So I decided to pick 10 of the ideas that seemed most appealing to me, and to my children’s age group. So, my goal is to spend the next 10 bath times doing one of these and letting you know how it goes. Here is my list:

1. Glow sticks disco bath night Our first #thebathexperiment was Glow Sticks! My Son absolutley loved it and I had to spend the first few minutes explaining to him that he needs to share with his little sister. I had 5 of them (came in a pack of 5 for 1 dollar) and he got three and she got two. At first all he wanted to do was hold them all in his hand and just sit there. So I got him to share one with me and i started to “play”. We made neon soup, we did our ABC’s in the air. we wore them as bracelets and necklaces. After I got his creative juices flowing and helped him to think outside of the bubble, he was off to the races. We had to add hot water at one point. and they both went to bed crying because they wanted their glow sticks to sleep with them. We ended up just hanging them up in their rooms so they could look at them while falling asleep to dreams of a neon world where everything is glowing. Result: Wonderful. Doing it again. Score:9/10 (only because its the first one and I am a hard judge)

2. Homemade bath crayons

3. Funny faces with craft foam

4. Shaving cream paint

5. Bathtub puffy paint DIY Bath paints Loved this one! Home made bath paints were easy to make and they both had so much fun making a complete mess. My sons reaction was “my thinks this is awesome”. I kept hearing him say “so awesome” under his breath as he and his sister created a wonderful piece of art work all over our clean bath tub and wall. I sat there peacefully know that the the main ingredient was soap, and they were really just doing me a favor. This experience also ended in tears as I washed and cleared away their master pieces from our tub and their cute little clean bodies. The tears quickly stopped when I reassured him that I had taken lots of pictures and even a video. Result: Clean tub, Clean kids, Praise from my 2 year old. This all adds up and will definitely be a repeat in this house. Score : 9/10 (took a while to clean and prepare so is not as convenient as a normal bath time.) -Lioness and her squeaky clean lion cubs

6. PVC piping waterfall
7. Cut up pool noodles for bath foam pit 🙂
8. Pool noodle water wall
9. Sponge fishing

10. Colored ice cubes

February 2014-March 2014 317

Well this Bath Tub Experiment took the longest prep and not the best results. Next time I will definitely get Crayon style molds to make it more fun to hold and draw. the ice cube tray molds worked well, but they were a little small and slippery for tiny hands to hold on to. As for color. Colors turned out great and all I used was liquid food coloring. Would I do it again? Maybe. Did the kids like it? Yes! of course. who wouldn’t like drawing in the tub? here is the link with the recipe I used. I did use food coloring instead of the dye they suggest. – Lion


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