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I am Owl, the younger one, Married for 7 years, we have our little owlets who are around 3 years old (boy) and 13 month old little lady. The main thing i would like to accomplish in this blog is to share my experience i have had working with youth in a Church and Para-Church organization. I am also a new mom, which comes with lots of fun as you will hear slowly in my stories. Having a baby, i am loving all the new trends they are wearing, and have started crafting my own, which could be an interesting and relevant thing to share with others. I know a lot about Thrifting (worked at a store for almost 7 years), teens (worked with youth for 9 years), I have traveled on missions to a few countries, and have my degree in Youth Work. I hope some of the things i have to say will be beneficial and encouraging, as well as fun.  I am a full time mom, Youth Pastor and love local finds! If you have any questions about me, please do not hesitate to email me at and subject it to owl. My sister and I are both Passionate about Youth and Children, but we have very different things to share in this blog, so i am excited to mash our interests into one unit.

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