This is where Lion will be discussing the things that matter to her

I am Lioness, The older one. I have been married for 8 years and have two beautiful lion cubs aged 4 and 3. My main joys in life are working with children and making things. I have a little problem with starting too many projects and never really sticking to one. There is one project that I have been working on for a long time and still holds my attention. it combines two of my major passions. children stories and drawing/coloring. I am excited to share it with you on this blog. I am an early childhood educator by profession and a dreamer in every other way. Outdoor family adventures are how I fill my weekends and vacation times. I have a bunch of great kid activities and art projects that I would love to share. I am just entering the world of truly having to parent and I have been reading up on parenting books. Sharing what I find works and what totally blows up in my face is something i hope to do with this blog. My family has a deep desire to adopt the next few members of our family so sharing that journey is also something on my heart.  I hope you find joy and strength and comfort in this blog. My sister and I are as opposite as an owl and a lion. So by doing this blog together we hope to reach all types of men and (mostly) women with our shared interests and diverse opinions. I can be reached at the same email address. with topic heading “Lion”.

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