Double Income, Two Kids

I love my family, job, spouse, lifestyle (trying to be healthier, post to follow), and my kids.  My husband has been supportive of my schooling, work, youth leadership and now my youth leadership has become my work being a youth pastor. I really don’t know anyone that is in my position, Small children, full time … Continue reading Double Income, Two Kids

Take Time For your Marriage

Day-to-day life just kills that emotional roller coaster you remember when dating. I remember in the first five years, constantly asking my husband if he still gets butterflies and when does he get them. I remember he used to tell me a different reason why he loved me every day because he ‘accidentally’ wrote it … Continue reading Take Time For your Marriage

Ripple Effect of Change

I have been a little hesitant to share some of what my life has been like in the past few months. It has been filled with moving, chaos,coffee, toddler tantrums, accidents, sleep deprivation, buying, coffee, driving (lots of driving), firsts, lasts, etc. Loving sushi date with my little. It all started back in February, when … Continue reading Ripple Effect of Change