a month long hiatus

As you might of noticed (if you are constantly checking our page), we took a month off. This was not on purpose, I (owl) have been dealing with a very sick child and husband, and now have just finished recovering myself from a horrendous bug. On top of having a job, sick son and 6 … Continue reading a month long hiatus

My Life's Work

  I have been for the past 10 years wanting to work in a Church Youth Ministry setting. Here I am, in my office, filled with duct tape cats, and free couches from an event called “bigger or better”. coffee, water, thank you cards, old computer speakers, leftover paint from my house and even a … Continue reading My Life's Work

It Is a Calling

I have heard growing up with my Dad in sales that it is a “lifestyle” . You can’t just go to work, come home and have it separate.  Just like sales, I feel that lots of jobs have this all the time work ethic thing happening, but we just call it being a “workaholic”.  yes … Continue reading It Is a Calling

#EmptyShelf Challenge

I will be attempting to do this same challenge Nate Smith is doing. I have been really into reading lately and wanted to challenge myself to read books that will be thought-provoking. Unfortunately, I do not have the funds to buy books, I will be borrowing from the library. Each time I complete a book, … Continue reading #EmptyShelf Challenge