Lindeman lake hike

For Mother’s Day this year I didn’t make a meal all day or even clean the kitchen.  I didn’t dress a kid or even do a load of laundry. It was glorious. Mother’s Day wasn’t all about the things that I didn’t do though, a huge thing that made Mother’s Day so special this year … Continue reading Lindeman lake hike

Letters to myself

You know how people often consider what advice they would give their past selves? Like what you would say to yourself to warn them about the future events coming. Or things like.. “Don’t take yourself so seriously” or “don’t worry, you will get over him and find the love of your life.” Today I was … Continue reading Letters to myself

The End is Near

The end of summer is approaching and I am slowly checking off all the things on our “Fun To Do List” that we had set out to accomplish. As I figure out how to cram in the last few things on our list my mind is shifting from summer to fall, from play to work, … Continue reading The End is Near