Rookie DIY projects

Sometimes I think “I love DIY projects, I am going to make a desk out of pallets and sand it down and do it all myself”.  Than reality kicks in and I do not have that much creativity in my life. I love DIY projects to a certain degree. SO, here is a sample of … Continue reading Rookie DIY projects

We Heart "She Is Clothing"

Hello Friends, Lion and I have been jumping on that bandwagon all those lovely trendy mom’s have jumped on. Which bandwagon are you talking about? well the obvious one, breastfeeding till our children are 3! Just kidding. We Heart She Is Clothing! (the bandwagon is small businesses with sweet t-shirts and kids clothes) “She is … Continue reading We Heart "She Is Clothing"

Hallway decor

Here is the end result of my hallway decorating. I found my guest book picture from our wedding ( I know it’s a little off centered), and I also have a box I got from Mcc furniture store for 5 bucks and knitted slippers from Mcc thrift shop in abbotsford for 50cents each. So that … Continue reading Hallway decor