Haak WoodWorks

 Kayla and Justin have such a fun attitude towards Haak Woodworks. Get to know them behind the scenes and don’t forget to enter our contest!
 Kayla and Justin

1. How did Haak Woodworks Start?

Haak Woodworks started when I asked Justin to make a few hexagon shelves for our living room. After he questioned me on if they were in style haha, he agreed to make some. He’s seriously the best. A few friends who came by and asked where we had bought them, saying they had been looking for similar shelves and hadn’t been able to find any. We made a few shelves for friends and they loved them. A while later, when I was on a de-cluttering kick and selling stuff I didn’t need on Abbotsford Bidding Wars, I had the idea to try selling shelves there. I was surprised by how quickly they sold each time, but it was a little annoying to have to repost and watch the bids etc (also some people on Abby Bidding Wars can be a little crazy). My sister in law suggested we start an Instagram page to get the word out on what we had been making. Justin and I both didn’t have Instagram and we felt a little hesitant about joining that world… We’re quite private (him more than me) and not super techy or trendy or instagrammy (if that’s a word). But after some more thought decided why not? And here we are.


2. What is the most life-giving aspect of your company to you?

The most life-giving aspect of our company to us… there are 2 things I think. The first is that it doesn’t take away any time from our family, in fact, it helps us spend more time together. We have fun with this! Justin builds the pieces (hexagons, tables, headboards etc) and I sand them and stain them and connect with the customers. We do this together in our garage with country music playing while the kids scoot around on their bikes or “help” sweep up the sawdust (which ends up being more of a mess but keeps them involved and they love it). It feels like a hobby we can all share together and it feels good to spend time doing something fun together instead of doing something like watch TV.

The second is that we’ve had opportunities to connect with some awesome people and local companies including Duft and Co, Spruce Collective, and Oldhand. These guys have just blazed the trail for local companies and they are so inspiring. We’ve also had the opportunity to donate some of our products for AMAZING causes including Casa De Luz, I Get To Legacy Chain and the Abbotsford Hospice. I think we sometimes underestimate the gifts we have and forget that collectively, small changes make a big difference. (Ok, let me stop myself here before I get on an inspirational rant. But seriously these guys are worth checking out if you haven’t already!)


3. What is the hardest part of starting your company?

The hardest part of starting our company also turned out to be the best and most freeing. Figuring out for ourselves that we could make this whole thing look the way we want and not having to copy a certain model to get there. At first, I thought we would need a Facebook page, an Etsy account, and “oh do I need to now add a blog about my family and post pictures of us making our products while wearing cute local clothing so people feel connected to us?” (Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against family blogs by any means or sharing day to day life. It’s just not me.) It feels good to be authentic and relaxed about it all and to just enjoy it for what it is.


4. What words of advice would you give someone looking into or starting a small business?

Words of advice for someone looking into starting a business: Be inspired by other companies but don’t compare yourself to them. You have something completely unique to offer!!


5. What is your favorite item you make?!

My favorite item is the crib we made when I was pregnant with our first baby and is now being used by our second. It’s big and sturdy and holds a lot of special memories. But other than that I LOVE the plant stands we make. I think a plant adds so much to a room, and the stand just shows it off a little better in a nice clean way. We also like doing new projects and hearing ideas from different people. Right now we are making a “house bed” for a friend’s little boy and I think it’s going to turn out amazing!!


6.Most popular item?

most popular item is definitely the hexagon shelf. People just can’t seem to get enough haha.


7. How can we support you well?

Man, we have felt nothing but support from the beginning. We’ve had great encouragement and feedback, some cool collaborations and we’re excited for what is ahead!





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Clerk & Co

A few weeks ago we had the opportunity of being at a career day and participating in a panel discussion with Christiana. As soon as you see her (let alone talk to her) you are drawn to her joyful demeanor and calm mannerisms. Christiana founder and boss lady of Clerk and Co has graciously partnered with us in a Q&A and giveaway (that’s right! we are so lucky).
Grab your coffee/tea and baked good get to know Christiana.
How did Clerk and Co start, and why that name?
1. Clerk and Co started while I was on maternity leave. My daughter was about 6 months at the time. While I felt very grateful to be at home with her, I also wanted an identity for myself and something I could pour my creative energy into. The name was created by myself and my husband. A “clerk” is someone who deals with records and documents but it can also be a person who works in a shop. We liked how it captured the idea of curating items, sorting through them and then making them accessible to others.
What is the most life-giving aspect of your company?
2. For me, the life-giving aspect is two-fold. One is that it gives me a creative outlet. One of my biggest interests is home decor and this business has allowed me a way to be in that world. I enjoying styling and picturing how items will be used in people’s homes. Another great aspect is that my husband and I really enjoy “treasure hunting” together. Over the years we’ve loved searching for vintage items and antiques together. Whether it’s in a flea market in France, a salvage yard in the Middle East or down the street from our house! It really is our joint hobby.
IMG_2665 (1)
What was the hardest part of starting your business?
3. The hardest part for me is learning how to do things myself. I had never even used Instagram before I started Clerk and Co. Technology is such a huge part of this business and it’s an that’s constantly evolving. I’m probably about 10 steps behind every other up and coming small business owner in this regard and really do need to push myself to try and catch up.
What words of advice would you give someone venturing into the small business world?
4. Honestly, just go for it. Take the plunge and start because that’s the biggest obstacle. Aside from that, know your worth or your products worth and make sure you aren’t working for free and giving items away! While I am not advocating for price gouging, it’s important that you factor in your costs, including your time, and that your pricing reflects that. It’s easy to put in copious amounts of work and effort and then realize, you only made $10! Evaluate and know your profit margins.
what are your favorite items?
5. I am a total sucker for anything vintage brass. Especially brass animals. My two favorites are a brass cactus that I sold to a local jewelry shop and a brass deer head that I haven’t listed yet because I don’t really want to part with it!
Most popular items?
6. Popular items are globes and blankets. Globes sell very quickly. I sell a lot of Moroccan style blankets/duvets but also vintage wool blankets.
How can we walk alongside you?
7. Support from other local business is the best kind of support! A community is so crucial in this small business world. Honestly, spreading the word! Sharing with friends and family who may be interested and keeping us in mind if you’re ever looking for gifts or home decor. We love when local people follow us and champion our business.
Thank you so much Christiana! make sure you add her to your Instagram feed!

IMG_2742 (1)


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What am I worthy of?

Recently, I (Carla) participated in a photoshoot for Union Swimwear. Yes, this was completely out of my comfort zone. Yes, I didn’t really know many people, and yes, I am very thankful I pushed through my fears and did this.  I got to spend time with some incredible women pursuing all sorts of things. As well as be a part of union swimwear’s journey to sharing their product.


I often put myself in a box, which I think a lot of us do. I tell myself, I can’t do this because of my body type, or my personality isn’t outgoing enough to actually talk to someone with more followers than me on Instagram. It is so easy to tear yourself down and forget how important you truly are.  I know we have been hearing a lot lately about “body positivity” and I often struggle with that phrase. I want to honor my body for what it has accomplished, what it has gone through these past few years, but that its okay to still strive for a healthier size and weight. Still look towards a goal that is challenging but attainable. I feel that being positive about your body is even if you aren’t in your ideal BMI, it doesn’t mean you should hide under a rock and never come out. As long as you are pursuing a healthy life and you are honored to be in the body you are in. That in mind is the definition of body positivity. Be the best you, and make sure your goals are your goals and not something unattainable.

I AM WORTHY OF BEING DOCUMENTED. this is a sentence Jenna Kutcher shares in one of her podcasts. I catch myself so easily taking photos of my coffee, kids, sidewalk, etc and posting it way faster than overanalyzing a photo of myself.


So here is a positive post about Carla:

  1.  I love to play volleyball and if you called me right now I would come to play.
  2. Sushi should be my middle name.
  3. I go to the gym and eat smart sweets 4-7X a week.
  4. When I read, I usually struggle with being in reality if the book is deep and based on true life.
  5. I actually love to argue. I know when I do, it means that the relationship matters to me and its worth having intense fellowship over.
  6. I enjoy striving for a minimalistic lifestyle and
  7. my ultimate goal is to have all small business, ethically sourced, sustainable fashion wardrobe. My favorite (free of guilt) thing I love to do, is able to share with you who made my clothes, what kind of fabric and why I chose that specific item.


I am turning 30 this year and I want to do something big for you all! So stay tuned, keep your notifications on. and if you know anything about me, you probably already know what kind of big thing will happen.

— Carla


Special Thanks to all these ladies above starting from the left


  1. Jessica 
  2. Cassandra
  3. Codi
  4. Myself
  5. Taylor
  6. Katrina
  7. Chiantelle

Photo Credit Julie Jagt photography

And of course Union Swimwear!

P.S make sure you check out our shop!


Capsule Wardrobe Night (1)

Capsule Wardrobe night will be LIVE on this facebook page for those who can’t attend in person! STAY TUNED! 7PM Wednesday, April 25th. We have maybe 3 more spaces for in person, so for $5, you get to see some amazing articles, ask questions, and join in on the clothing swap. If you are a part of the LIVE you have a chance to win a door prize!

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5 Ways to Build Up the Mom of a Tantruming Toddler

Compassion Vs Show Down

My dad has had a great impact on my parenting. He is a wealth of knowledge. Some advice comes from real life experience, and I am pretty sure, some are just plain old made up. I know, all of it comes from his heart. He once told me that it isn’t until you have children and your friends have children, that you realize who your true friends are. The people who you knew post-children are very different than the ones you know now. Children bring out the best and worst in us. They also cause us to have to make real decisions that impact how we see the world and how we live out our lives. Decisions such as co-sleeping and breastfeeding in the early years and in the later years we have to decide between public and private school as well as everything in between. How do we, as parents, respond to sass from our children? How are we going to teach our children about respect for elders or the importance of apologizing? What about topics like spanking? or hot topics such as immunization and circumcision?

There are so many topics and decisions that come up in parenting that can cause a divide in friendships. How do we navigate our adult relationships while doing our best not to compromise our own parenting choices and decisions?

Living in a world with so many different people in it, we are sure to interact with people we do not agree with, every single day. As I am raising my children I find myself often telling them that they need to be kind and gentle with the little ones that cross their paths. I am often correcting behavior that is causing my children to come across as unsympathetic or aggressive. Am I doing the same for myself? How am I coming across to those around me? The best way to show our children the proper behavior is to model it ourselves. Am I being kind? Am I being gentle?

We are in this together. Parenthood is a community. The largest community out there. People all over the world are raising the next generation and parenting has no language or cultural barriers. We are all thrown into the trenches as soon as that baby is placed in our arms. There is no getting away from it. So, why are we adding to the battle instead of supporting each other?

Here are a few things to keep in mind when interacting with either a lifelong mommy friend or a new mommy friend:

  1. BE KIND – Motherhood is hard and when we aren’t battling the evil glares of strangers as their eyes, nose, and mouth show us their judgment on how we are parenting our child who is currently throwing a tantrum. We do not need to also be self-conscious of our fellow “trench dwellers”. Offer to watch that mom’s shopping cart while she does what she needs to do to gain control of her wild child. Be a safe place for that mom as she handles this awkward situation. Write a kind note about how you saw her doing her best and leave it on her car or hand it to her in person. We all need kindness. There are enough people out there judging. How about we make it normal for people to show kindness rather than attitude. Let’s be honest, next time it could be YOU with the full shopping cart and the toddler screaming at the top of her lungs. Invest in the crazy moments and throw kindness around like confetti.london-scout-41029-unsplash
  2. ASSUME THEY WANT THE BEST FOR THEIR CHILD – This one is sometimes hard to apply. We see a mom yelling at their 2-year-old son for picking something off the shelf in the store and it seems like she is overreacting. I mean, it was only one little thing. NO need to scream and cause a scene. What we don’t know is how often she has had to say it or what else had transpired that morning between them. We often are condemned just on the small glimpses people see into our relationship with our children. Before we decide that we have found the “worlds worst mom and should probably call child services, thank goodness I was there.” Let’s assume better. Take some time and observe some more interactions that they have. If their entire shopping trip is cause for concern then maybe you should be concerned. But if it is just one interaction than I am pretty sure she is just a mom. A mom like you.                                                                                                                                                                     There are areas that we may also need to apply this attitude. When a mom makes a decision for her child that is the opposite of what you would do, we should assume the position of Support and educate ourselves as to why she has decided to make that choice. Only the stories of the parent’s making epic fails of choices for their children make the news. What about those moms and dads who make daily decisions that affect their children for the rest of their lives and don’t make the news. These days we don’t only have to be afraid of a stranger stealing our children, now we also have to be afraid of a stranger seeing us parent in our worst moment and reporting us to the authorities. Here is my take on what we should do. If you see a parent who is struggling to be kind to their child, be their friend. Introduce yourself and be brave enough to confront them like a fellow human than a faceless enemy. Tattle tailing is always the worst when it comes from a stranger.jordan-whitt-145327-unsplash
  3. AVOID TOPICS AND FIND COMMON GROUND – When I meet a new mom friend it always feels like a first date. Will this new friend like me? Will she agree with how I parent? Will my kid bite her kid? Or is that last one just me? It can be nerve-wracking and exhilaration meeting a new friend. Finding your common ground can come just by asking a series of questions. This questionnaire can also bring up areas of contention. The spotlight can often get stuck on the topics that you disagree on. Depending on the friend or situation this topic may come up often and be hard to avoid. But in most situations, your friendship can continue with ease, just by avoiding this topic. You can come to a mutual agreement to just leave that topic out of your friendship. This is such a great tool to model for our children. Such topics like Santa. If your child has already found out the truth, we don’t want our kids to be “that kid” who spills the beans, so we teach them to keep the secret and avoid that topic with their friend who would have their soul crushed if they ever found out the truth. Let’s apply the same topic to our lives.
  4. CELEBRATE AND STOP ONE-UPPING – How frustrating is it when you are sharing with your friends a proud mommy moment and they quickly come up with a better story about their child which makes your child’s accomplishment look like a minor deal. I am guilty of this one. We are so proud of our children and some children can do amazing things and some children are just amazing in their own way. I felt this way in kindergarten with my sweet boy. Last year, he could have cared less about reading. I know that reading is not expected from a child in kindergarten but I felt like I was failing him when I would share his minor “alphabet ” accomplishments with my fellow mama friends. Their children seemed to be reading with ease and I was sharing how proud I was of my son being able to recall that “A says Ah”. I am not innocent in this “Child Olympics” as I have been guilty of bragging about my 11-month-old walking and my 18 month old being able to sing a song all on her own. My son was riding a 2 wheeler at the age of 2 years and 11 months. I remember being sooooo proud of his amazing accomplishment. I was not gracious about sharing this information with the world. You better believe you can find the recording of boasting all in my Instagram history. Video and all. I am not saying that we should stop sharing our children’s triumphs and victory’s but we should remember that that isn’t what life is all about. We shouldn’t be thinking up an equal or better accomplishment done by our child in response to a friends story. We should listen. Celebrate and let them have that moment. Your moment will come. It doesn’t always need to be at the same time. Also, it is your child’s moment. They are our children, but, it is THEIR moment, NOT ours! All I can say is, I am so thankful my mom didn’t have Instagram when I was a kid.DSC_2299
  5. BE BRAVE AND BUILD BOUNDARIES – This one had me thinking. With all that I have said before this, I don’t want to leave without saying that we should be brave enough to set boundaries in our relationships. Not everyone will have the same mindset on parenting as we do. Not everyone will agree with what we do or how we spend our time. So, set boundaries in a respectful way. I find this is the hardest the earlier on in parenting that you are. This is something that develops over time and is done after a lot of trial and error. I remember the early days of motherhood when it was just me and my newborn son at home and the visitors were still flooding in. My husband was back at work and I was there to fend for myself. I got advice from everyone I saw and most of it was harmless. BUT some of it was harmful. Some of it shaped my mind and didn’t allow me to feel free to parent as I wanted to. I lost a lot of precious moments with my son trying to please other people. I wanted him to sleep on his own and I was only doing it because other people told me I should. I would have been way happier if I had let that happen on my own time.  I would have been happier if I had bottle fed him. I would have been happier if I had not been so stressed about nap times and bedtimes in those early months of parenthood. I didn’t know any of this until I had baby number two. That is when I realized how much more enjoyable life is when you are doing what is best for your family and not what is best for everyone else, in order for them to stop judging you. Baby number two got a much braver mama than baby number 1. This is not something I regret, it was a great learning experience, but is something I wanted to share. Be A BRAVE mama!!! On that note. Bravery doesn’t have to be accomplished on your own. Surround yourself with people who allow you to “Build up your Brave”. Find your safe place to grow and GROW!


Parenthood is a strange-hood to be in. No one has the same story and no one has the same struggles. We are all dealing with different combinations of personalities and behaviors and circumstances. The one thing we have in common is that we are raising the next generation.  What we do and how we react to our fellow earth dwellers is seen by those little eyes. We all know that children have selective hearing, but their eyes never lie. Their eyes see it all. Modeling behavior worth repeating can be hard, but it can also be world changing.




Maan Farms Country Experience


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We had the privilege of joining Maan farms this past Easter weekend in a delightful crepe breakfast and a tour of all the fun spaces this country experience had in store.

If you are looking for a great Abbotsford local item that you can get a VERY reasonable yearly membership to, I would highly recommend Maan Farms.

Maan Farms has a corn maze, an air jumper pillow, a peddle kart track, zip line, petting zoo, delicious raspberry wine, and during berry picking season they are the place to go!

Top 3 items our kids enjoyed

  1. The Air Jumper Pillow, they could have been on that thing all day.
  2. Zipline. Seriously, who doesn’t love a good zip line 🙂
  3. Petting zoo. It was so fun watching them look for bunnies, say hi to chickens and watch the goats and kids.

Next time your unsure of what to do, or want to plan a good play date with a friend. Head on over to Maan Farms Country Experience!

Feature Friends— Jarris Neufeld

I had the honour and privilege of having the first time on feather and mane history of sharing a feature friend that is a male! thats right folks, branching out, putting our big girl pants on and talking with Jarris was definitely a highlight of my 2017 blogging life.

Jarris and I know each other through my husband, but with the help of social media I feel like I never lost touch of what he was up to.

He has graciously shared what keeps him going and what his life lessons have been in the past few years. You do not want to stop reading! Also Did I mention we have a giveaway?!check this out.

What do you do to earn money to live?

I Work for VSSL, but I love building custom tables (find me on Instagram for more details)

What would you like to share on the blog?

When Carla shared these questions, I really wanted to share what its like to be an authentic parent during this transition into single parenthood.  It is interesting to say the least. Grace is needed, patience gets stretched constantly. But overall I want to constantly remind myself that I want to be present in my kids lives. I want to keep looking towards the end goal of being in an authentic relationship with my kids. Sometimes its hard to see that during the short term stressors, the long term is way more important!

What is your heartbeat, life giving moments?

The quiet moments with my kids. Bedtime is such a fun time, we can connect cause we are in such close proximity. We get to look back on the day together, and set the tone for the dreaming phase of the day.
Other days, the hectic morning drives are key. We get ready together, rush, sing in the car and embrace this stage of life together.

Something that you want to inspire others with

I want to share with you about “graceful exits”. This has been hitting me Huge lately, with even as small as changing jobs, relationships, daily tasks. Graceful exits are key to a lot of life situations. Something I try to remind myself when I am transitioning, maybe for example leaving a job, I am very excited for the next stage but I want to make sure I am being smart with how I am acting in my setting while exiting a situation. How I respond, how much I share, how I need to stay in the present even though whatever comes next might be thrilling.  You need to always finish well, be present, and make sure you are honouring those around you.

How do I move to the next phase of anything.

1. step back and take a broader perspective of what is old, present and new.
2. Being present in the moment. Currently where your at. Being able to be there. ie. Switching jobs, Finish strong, don’t be so caught up on what is happening next, what is happening next will still happen.
3. Patience… just patience.
4. BE HUMBLE! Keep your head down and keep working hard. Honour those who are staying.
5. TIMING- share with the right people. Be respectful of everyones feelings as much as possible.

Why did you say yes to being interviewed?

Its super fun, I like the community of Abbotsford and the connections. I am A Huge Connection guy! I love the connection of Human beings.

What other things are you passionate about?

I loveWater-skiing, cross fit, ( they are like a family to me!,) My goal is to be a part of Worlds in 2019


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  3. Comment and maybe share what kind of outdoorsy things you like to do and how this would be helpful or just plain awesome to have!

Contest closes March 8th, and winner will be ANNOUNCE HERE! on March 9th.


This contest is for EVERYONE.

Is It Worth The Calories?

Sometimes I catch myself mentally figuring out the calories I am eating and thinking about how much physical work that would be to burn it off( I know, sounds unhealthy). My healthy weight and lifestyle has been a struggle. I had two high risk pregnancies, and than with that I tried my HARDEST to lose weight the “healthy” way ( exercising and eating cleaner).  I finally, after much convincing and nudging I sought out help from a Naturopath. It has been a year, 70 lbs lost later. I know I should be super excited, AND I AM! believe me, I am almost what I was in high school.

So what am I sharing.

Now that I have spent the last 42 days in a low cal, hormone injection food restriction (I hate using the word diet). I am left with feeling super uneasy about carbs, constantly making sure I am not gaining weight for what I ate the day before, and nervous about what I should eat and when.

This has nothing to do with who I went to see, the naturopath has been amazing, supportive and so great with fielding my questions. I would see them on the regular if I had benefits for days. BUT unfortunately I need to figure some things out on my own.

What I am trying to be okay with right now.

  1. It’s okay to feel this way, I just need to learn what to do next without diverting back to bad eating habits
  2. I don’t need to snack while looking at a screen. I can not believe how hard it is to not do this! it is a habit I tried to break so many times. so I have tried my best to drink teas, or coffee or a fruit while watching or working.
  3. I need to find a more sustainable way to live. a healthy way to view food, exercise, and maybe realize that i am getting older and some food isn’t worth how it makes me feel in the long run.
  4. ALSO I love this post from Vancouver nutritionist CristinaFeatherandMane(50of108)


I am so thankful for this past year and what I have learned about myself, healthy habits, and what I am truly wanting in life. I want to be able to run with my kids, play in the park and go down slides without being too large (I did this today! so fun), and make sure my hormones, vitamins, and long term lifestyle changes that can make me the person I truly want to be. I don’t want to be a size 2, I want to be me.


have any tips for me? would love supportive, positive comments! and if you want to collaborate over a blog post with healthy resources in the area let me know!


— Carla

Change, you can’t hide from it

I feel like I am in a blur. Each day is full, needed, constantly deciding what trumps what. And through all of this I have had to make the hardest decisions of my life.

This past month I shared with my Church Family that I am resigning from my position as Youth Pastor. I am not going to lie, this has wrecked me. I have so many emotions and as a positive glass half full kind of thinker it has been ridiculously challenging to see through this. I love my youth, leaders, church, and have known for the longest time this was where I needed to be.

God has plans for your life, to prosper, not to harm, plans to give you a hope and a future. I really relying on what God has in store for me and I am so thankful for my faith in something greater than myself.

Brad and I are so thrilled to finally launch his small business (Onboard Coaching), and with that launch, comes scheduling conflicts, babysitters, deciding who has priority in certain situations, etc etc.

I am also so thrilled to of been a part of the church community, but i constantly am looking forward to seeing who will be blessed to have youth ministry at Bakerview as there next mission! I know God has big plans, and at this moment, this position would be an amazing job to have, participate in molding, vision casting and shaping the future of this beloved church.

I have so many things on my mind, and I wanted to get this out before more questions are asked, more emails, texts, gossip, whatever comes.  here are some of the FAQ and answers

  1. where will you be working next? are you going to be a SAHM?
    1. answer: I am currently looking for a job, part time, 20ish hours a week, close by with evenings free. so if you have any leads?!  I would love to be a stay at home mom, but we have finances, and new adventures i need to help support.
  2. do you want to work in ministry again?
    1. MORE THAN EVER! I love youth ministry, church ministry and still feel called into this field. At this moment, I need to give my husband space to grow, network and develop his business (6ish months?) and than i can maybe look into this avenue again
  3. Where will you attend church?
    1. I don’t know yet, we haven’t decided what our future plans are.
  4. are you moving?
    1. no, i love this question. I am not moving.
  5. what can we do to support you?
    1. We need grace, patience, all the fruits of the spirit. This is a huge decision time for us, so we are trying our best to walk the line of gracefully exiting and sharing our excitement with what is happening in Brads life. We would love support in just sharing well this news, being our friend, bringing a meal during this month while we both balance work life and work life haha.

Thank you for everything! this Feather and Mane community has been incredible. I love sharing life with all of you!

what is happening in your life?! i would love to hear from you


Carla Thiessen


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Must be able to attend event 🙂