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52d94244-f1b8-463e-9b36-ba22c4c262f0Welcome to Feather and Mane! Our aim here is to showcase the amazing experiences that families can have in the area we live. Vancouver is a diverse and nature filled adventure waiting to happen and we seek to share the hidden gems like delicious shops, independently run clothing outlets, and that beautiful hike that we just can’t stop talking about! Explore our featured friends for new ideas for your family day or for just for your own pleasure.

The locations listed on this map have been vetted and experienced by either one of us and a place that is DEFINITELY worth visiting or trying. If you would like your company or store listed here, please visit our contact us page and we’ll come check you out!

We want to represent you! Do you have a brand that you would love to collaborate with us on? Want to reach new avenues of people to introduce them to your passion in life? Contact us here and fill out one of our forms and we will work with you on the best way to make that happen!

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