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A few weeks ago we had the opportunity of being at a career day and participating in a panel discussion with Christiana. As soon as you see her (let alone talk to her) you are drawn to her joyful demeanor and calm mannerisms. Christiana founder and boss lady of Clerk and Co has graciously partnered with us in a Q&A and giveaway (that’s right! we are so lucky).
Grab your coffee/tea and baked good get to know Christiana.
How did Clerk and Co start, and why that name?
1. Clerk and Co started while I was on maternity leave. My daughter was about 6 months at the time. While I felt very grateful to be at home with her, I also wanted an identity for myself and something I could pour my creative energy into. The name was created by myself and my husband. A “clerk” is someone who deals with records and documents but it can also be a person who works in a shop. We liked how it captured the idea of curating items, sorting through them and then making them accessible to others.
What is the most life-giving aspect of your company?
2. For me, the life-giving aspect is two-fold. One is that it gives me a creative outlet. One of my biggest interests is home decor and this business has allowed me a way to be in that world. I enjoying styling and picturing how items will be used in people’s homes. Another great aspect is that my husband and I really enjoy “treasure hunting” together. Over the years we’ve loved searching for vintage items and antiques together. Whether it’s in a flea market in France, a salvage yard in the Middle East or down the street from our house! It really is our joint hobby.
IMG_2665 (1)
What was the hardest part of starting your business?
3. The hardest part for me is learning how to do things myself. I had never even used Instagram before I started Clerk and Co. Technology is such a huge part of this business and it’s an that’s constantly evolving. I’m probably about 10 steps behind every other up and coming small business owner in this regard and really do need to push myself to try and catch up.
What words of advice would you give someone venturing into the small business world?
4. Honestly, just go for it. Take the plunge and start because that’s the biggest obstacle. Aside from that, know your worth or your products worth and make sure you aren’t working for free and giving items away! While I am not advocating for price gouging, it’s important that you factor in your costs, including your time, and that your pricing reflects that. It’s easy to put in copious amounts of work and effort and then realize, you only made $10! Evaluate and know your profit margins.
what are your favorite items?
5. I am a total sucker for anything vintage brass. Especially brass animals. My two favorites are a brass cactus that I sold to a local jewelry shop and a brass deer head that I haven’t listed yet because I don’t really want to part with it!
Most popular items?
6. Popular items are globes and blankets. Globes sell very quickly. I sell a lot of Moroccan style blankets/duvets but also vintage wool blankets.
How can we walk alongside you?
7. Support from other local business is the best kind of support! A community is so crucial in this small business world. Honestly, spreading the word! Sharing with friends and family who may be interested and keeping us in mind if you’re ever looking for gifts or home decor. We love when local people follow us and champion our business.
Thank you so much Christiana! make sure you add her to your Instagram feed!

IMG_2742 (1)


Enter to win this beautiful glass shelf and a discount code for Feather & Mane collective by
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3. make sure you are following @featherandmane and @clerkandco (we will check for the winner)
4. Make sure you enter on the blog post and on both Instagram posts
This contest is for Canadian residents 13+ years of age. If you do not live in the lower mainland (Fraser Valley, BC) you will need to pay for shipping.this is not endorsed or through Instagram, Facebook, or WordPress. this is an independent small business contest.

4 thoughts on “Clerk & Co

  1. Fun blog post. My favourite decor item is usually a plant or a shelf with a couple of items on it. I’m very challenged when it comes to decorating my house!


  2. I love anything with a function. No tchotchkes for me! The problem is that I have too many shelves and not enough stuff to put on them!


  3. Two great businesses collabing – I like it. To add to the faves from before, I’m also loving bright prints to bring colour to my life (and walls).


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