Love Your Local – The Polly Fox

1.  How did The Polly Fox start?
In a big ol’ nutshell, The Polly Fox came out of necessity.
Kelsey has a multitude of food allergies, sensitivities, and intolerances, including being Celiac for 15-ish years.  In moving back to Abbotsford from living in Vancouver, there still wasn’t an outlet for those facing the same dietary challenges.  After planning (so much planning), second-guessing its existence, saving, more planning and finally just committing, The Polly Fox came to be.
The shop grew quickly.  A lot faster than ever dreamed – which was both so wonderful and terrifying.
After an exhausting start, Kaitlin joined forces with Kelsey, and for lack of better words, completely saved the day.
Small fun fact: Kelsey and Kaitlin are sisters-in-law.
2.  What is the most life-giving aspect of your company to you?
Helping people.
Talking to people.
Learning that we are actually serving a purpose outside of donuts and sandwiches – that we’ve become a staple and a go-to for safe food.  And a go-to for delicious food.
That we have accomplished the number one goal of The Polly Fox: crush the stigma of gluten-free.
(The majority of our guests aren’t Celiac or gluten-sensitive).
3.  What is the hardest part of starting The Polly Fox?
Mentally and emotionally? Taking the leap of entrepreneurship.  It brings a lot of self-uncertainty, and a huge case of the always-fun “What Ifs?”
What if I fail?
What if no one is interested?
What if the market just isn’t there?
What if I’m just not cut out to own a business?
…what if lack of sleep just destroys me?
In reality?  Putting all of the pieces together.
Funding.  Finding a location.  Staffing.  Just, the logistics of a new business!  It’s difficult, it’s draining – but, so incredibly worth it.
4.  Words of advice for someone starting out?
The very first thing that comes to mind…get yourself a bookkeeper.
It will save you massive amounts of mental anguish.  Let someone else deal with the dollar signs so you can focus on everything else.
Also, be kind to yourself.
All of the pieces aren’t going to be there right from day one.  You’ll grow into your biz – which is the best part.  Start simple and go from there.
5.  Fav item?!
Ooohh..  Tough one.  The Apple Fritter.  Or maybe the Nanaimo Bar…  Or Cashew Bar?!
6.  Most popular item?
By far, the Apple Fritter.
Huge demand!  We cannot seem to make enough.  They’ve had a following since day one!
7.  How can we support you as well?
Help us spread the word!
We are still reaching new people every day, and seeing new faces in the shop each day.
Support local, shop local – we live in a great little city, with new small businesses continually popping up.  Take advantage of that!


Enter to win $50 gift card to The Polly Fox (located in Abbotsford, BC)

How to enter:

  1. Like and Comment on this blog post (share your favorite treat if you have one from The Polly Fox)
  2. Check out The Polly Fox’s Instagram and Facebook Page and Feather & Mane Instagram and Facebook
  3. Must be 13+ years old to enter and able to be at the Polly Fox in person (not an online gift card)

GOOD LUCK enter now till Monday, June 4th 11:59 PM.


PHOTO CREDIT- Kim Norcross Photography


24 thoughts on “Love Your Local – The Polly Fox

  1. I’m obsessed with this place and have been going since they were in their smaller location! I love love love their iced cashew mylk latte, the blt on focaccia with avocado and smoked cheddar and the salted cowboy cookie. Xavier loves the banana bread! We drive out from Fort Langley quite often because it’s all SO good 🙂 Nice to read the story behind the place!!


  2. Hmmm its always hard to decide but I always enjoy myself a warm cup of their coffee paired with either their banana bread or one of their muffins!! Tasty tasty.


  3. Oh man where do I begin! I am head over heels in love with their keto toast, nanaimo bars and the coffee they brew is heavenly!


  4. I LOVE their veggie sandwich. I’ve recently been told by my GP, to not eat dairy, gluten, corn and a vast amount of other foods. The Polly Fox is a lifesaver! I can’t pinpoint one item I like because I like them ALL!!


  5. It’s hard to find somewhere so amazing that offers dairy AND gluten free treats, so I am so glad to have found The Polly Fox! My absolute favourite treat is the apple fritter! I get 1 or 2 every time I visit! 😋 That, with the white chocolate mocha with cashew milk is a combination to die for!! 😍


  6. I LOVE their veggie sandwich. I’ve recently been told by my GP, to not eat dairy, gluten, corn and a vast amount of other foods. The Polly Fox is a lifesaver! I can’t pinpoint one item I like because I like them ALL!!


  7. I have never been!! My sister thinks that I would probably love their Nanaimo bar and I am so excited to try them out. Thanks for sharing their story!


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