Friend Feature– Taylor Aller

Meet Taylor Aller (and her great husband Jake). They are a couple with many hats, animal lovers, relationship growers and local to the Fraser Valley! Today we want to honor Taylor in all the amazing spaces she has created for us to follow along and glean wisdom from. We actually met Taylor through a great website connecting business babes and now have had the pleasure of growing our Instagrams together, seeing each other at photo shoots, business events and of course in the online world.  Grab a coffee, sit down and enjoy our interview with Taylor Aller! 


  • What do you do? (job, hobbies, lifestyle)

A SMALL TOWN GIRL WITH HUGE HEART DREAMS and all about that multipotentialite life. Hi! I’m Taylor Aller (Oomen) and I serve the Lower Mainland as an RMT, Educator, Speaker, and Mentor. I’m also obsessed with all things relationship-related and Co-Founder of The Relationship Project with my kick-butt husband. On most days you can find me balancing 5 different things, snuggling my handful-of-a-rescue pup, volunteering as a Facilitator with Free to Be Talks, or trying my darndest to go to bed early!


  • What would you like to share with us?

Ooh. So many things. And I guess that’s it. I love and am passionate about SO MANY THINGS! Relationships, health, mental health, volunteering, my marriage, my rescue pup, dancing, food, sleep. Fellow multi-passionate peeps unite! I’d love to share that living your life with no single passion and many curiosities is a-okay.

I have struggled in the past thinking that there is something wrong with me, that I am the only person who doesn’t have a single passion. I was told “You’re just confused” so much that I really did start to feel that way. I felt so suffocated, stifled, and joyless.

In this world of “finding your passion,” it can make us multi-pods feel like we are jumping around with no vision, no goal, and worst of all–alone. Hear me roar: We are not! There are so many people in the world like us that have multiple passions. Who pursue them, enjoy them, and carve out a life enjoying them all. That means you can, too.


  • Something that keeps you going?

Ah. Sleep. Now I know this may sound like a weird answer, but for my mental health, my full life, sleep is non-negotiable. I am an exponentially better person with sleep. I go to bed early as much as I can (usually between 9:30-10:30 every night!) and although I’ll joke about it–It’s no joking matter. (Ask my husband.)

  • Something that you want to inspire others with,

You can absolutely do it all, you just can’t do it all at once or by yourself.


  • Why did you say yes to being interviewed? What do you appreciate about Feather & Mane?

Firstly I love Feather and Mane! These two ladies have a mission that I think is so on point. Secondly, I love being able to share about my “what-I-think-is-normal-but-others-think-is-not” life. Secondly, their mission comes to mind. Living with purpose. They aren’t tutti-frutti about it. Jessica and Carla make it easy for folks to live the life they want with purpose. What else I love? They celebrate local businesses, their communities, other women. And most importantly, their wicked sense of humor.

Tay (1)

  • What keeps your life full?

I like to look at my life as the weather. There are many facets and no one takes over the other. They each have different seasons! Things that make up my weather-life are my practice as an RMT, The Relationship Project with my husband, Digital Calligraphy, mentoring, volunteering, my family, my rescue pup, dance, and many more!

We are excited to partner with Taylor in a GIVEAWAY!  You can enter to win a custom digital design created by Taylor as well as a $30 gift card to Saba Cafe and bistro in fort Langley. 

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One thought on “Friend Feature– Taylor Aller

  1. This is inspiring to a scattered 7 (Enneagram number) … love Taylor’s words. You can do it all just not on your own or all at once. – LOVE IT! It’s a good encourager, so glad I found it!


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