Feature Friends— Jarris Neufeld

I had the honour and privilege of having the first time on feather and mane history of sharing a feature friend that is a male! thats right folks, branching out, putting our big girl pants on and talking with Jarris was definitely a highlight of my 2017 blogging life.

Jarris and I know each other through my husband, but with the help of social media I feel like I never lost touch of what he was up to.

He has graciously shared what keeps him going and what his life lessons have been in the past few years. You do not want to stop reading! Also Did I mention we have a giveaway?!check this out.

What do you do to earn money to live?

I Work for VSSL, but I love building custom tables (find me on Instagram for more details)

What would you like to share on the blog?

When Carla shared these questions, I really wanted to share what its like to be an authentic parent during this transition into single parenthood.  It is interesting to say the least. Grace is needed, patience gets stretched constantly. But overall I want to constantly remind myself that I want to be present in my kids lives. I want to keep looking towards the end goal of being in an authentic relationship with my kids. Sometimes its hard to see that during the short term stressors, the long term is way more important!

What is your heartbeat, life giving moments?

The quiet moments with my kids. Bedtime is such a fun time, we can connect cause we are in such close proximity. We get to look back on the day together, and set the tone for the dreaming phase of the day.
Other days, the hectic morning drives are key. We get ready together, rush, sing in the car and embrace this stage of life together.

Something that you want to inspire others with

I want to share with you about “graceful exits”. This has been hitting me Huge lately, with even as small as changing jobs, relationships, daily tasks. Graceful exits are key to a lot of life situations. Something I try to remind myself when I am transitioning, maybe for example leaving a job, I am very excited for the next stage but I want to make sure I am being smart with how I am acting in my setting while exiting a situation. How I respond, how much I share, how I need to stay in the present even though whatever comes next might be thrilling.  You need to always finish well, be present, and make sure you are honouring those around you.

How do I move to the next phase of anything.

1. step back and take a broader perspective of what is old, present and new.
2. Being present in the moment. Currently where your at. Being able to be there. ie. Switching jobs, Finish strong, don’t be so caught up on what is happening next, what is happening next will still happen.
3. Patience… just patience.
4. BE HUMBLE! Keep your head down and keep working hard. Honour those who are staying.
5. TIMING- share with the right people. Be respectful of everyones feelings as much as possible.

Why did you say yes to being interviewed?

Its super fun, I like the community of Abbotsford and the connections. I am A Huge Connection guy! I love the connection of Human beings.

What other things are you passionate about?

I loveWater-skiing, cross fit, ( they are like a family to me!,) My goal is to be a part of Worlds in 2019


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Is It Worth The Calories?

Sometimes I catch myself mentally figuring out the calories I am eating and thinking about how much physical work that would be to burn it off( I know, sounds unhealthy). My healthy weight and lifestyle has been a struggle. I had two high risk pregnancies, and than with that I tried my HARDEST to lose weight the “healthy” way ( exercising and eating cleaner).  I finally, after much convincing and nudging I sought out help from a Naturopath. It has been a year, 70 lbs lost later. I know I should be super excited, AND I AM! believe me, I am almost what I was in high school.

So what am I sharing.

Now that I have spent the last 42 days in a low cal, hormone injection food restriction (I hate using the word diet). I am left with feeling super uneasy about carbs, constantly making sure I am not gaining weight for what I ate the day before, and nervous about what I should eat and when.

This has nothing to do with who I went to see, the naturopath has been amazing, supportive and so great with fielding my questions. I would see them on the regular if I had benefits for days. BUT unfortunately I need to figure some things out on my own.

What I am trying to be okay with right now.

  1. It’s okay to feel this way, I just need to learn what to do next without diverting back to bad eating habits
  2. I don’t need to snack while looking at a screen. I can not believe how hard it is to not do this! it is a habit I tried to break so many times. so I have tried my best to drink teas, or coffee or a fruit while watching or working.
  3. I need to find a more sustainable way to live. a healthy way to view food, exercise, and maybe realize that i am getting older and some food isn’t worth how it makes me feel in the long run.
  4. ALSO I love this post from Vancouver nutritionist CristinaFeatherandMane(50of108)


I am so thankful for this past year and what I have learned about myself, healthy habits, and what I am truly wanting in life. I want to be able to run with my kids, play in the park and go down slides without being too large (I did this today! so fun), and make sure my hormones, vitamins, and long term lifestyle changes that can make me the person I truly want to be. I don’t want to be a size 2, I want to be me.


have any tips for me? would love supportive, positive comments! and if you want to collaborate over a blog post with healthy resources in the area let me know!


— Carla