Change, you can’t hide from it

I feel like I am in a blur. Each day is full, needed, constantly deciding what trumps what. And through all of this I have had to make the hardest decisions of my life.

This past month I shared with my Church Family that I am resigning from my position as Youth Pastor. I am not going to lie, this has wrecked me. I have so many emotions and as a positive glass half full kind of thinker it has been ridiculously challenging to see through this. I love my youth, leaders, church, and have known for the longest time this was where I needed to be.

God has plans for your life, to prosper, not to harm, plans to give you a hope and a future. I really relying on what God has in store for me and I am so thankful for my faith in something greater than myself.

Brad and I are so thrilled to finally launch his small business (Onboard Coaching), and with that launch, comes scheduling conflicts, babysitters, deciding who has priority in certain situations, etc etc.

I am also so thrilled to of been a part of the church community, but i constantly am looking forward to seeing who will be blessed to have youth ministry at Bakerview as there next mission! I know God has big plans, and at this moment, this position would be an amazing job to have, participate in molding, vision casting and shaping the future of this beloved church.

I have so many things on my mind, and I wanted to get this out before more questions are asked, more emails, texts, gossip, whatever comes.  here are some of the FAQ and answers

  1. where will you be working next? are you going to be a SAHM?
    1. answer: I am currently looking for a job, part time, 20ish hours a week, close by with evenings free. so if you have any leads?!  I would love to be a stay at home mom, but we have finances, and new adventures i need to help support.
  2. do you want to work in ministry again?
    1. MORE THAN EVER! I love youth ministry, church ministry and still feel called into this field. At this moment, I need to give my husband space to grow, network and develop his business (6ish months?) and than i can maybe look into this avenue again
  3. Where will you attend church?
    1. I don’t know yet, we haven’t decided what our future plans are.
  4. are you moving?
    1. no, i love this question. I am not moving.
  5. what can we do to support you?
    1. We need grace, patience, all the fruits of the spirit. This is a huge decision time for us, so we are trying our best to walk the line of gracefully exiting and sharing our excitement with what is happening in Brads life. We would love support in just sharing well this news, being our friend, bringing a meal during this month while we both balance work life and work life haha.

Thank you for everything! this Feather and Mane community has been incredible. I love sharing life with all of you!

what is happening in your life?! i would love to hear from you


Carla Thiessen


In honour of Jessica’s 10 year anniversary we will be doing a GIVEAWAY! Enter to win a free entry to our ladies night in. We have swag bags, food, drinkies, a modern calligraphy craft and a few other items! How to enter

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Keep it Simple

Minimalism. things my eyes are drawn towards…. Sometimes we just need to let our eyes explore beauty without consequence, inspiration in the brain.

What are you drawn towards? what colours? textures? themes?


Thank you Unsplash. you are the best.


— Carla

Ladies Night in with Feather & Mane


Come join us for a Ladies Social Art night. Using the art of Modern Calligraphy, each lady will walk away with a beautiful piece of art and the beginner tools to pursue Modern Calligraphy on their own. Each participant will get a short lesson on the “rules” of modern calligraphy and how to use the tools given in class. Over delightful conversation, short mini lessons, and amazing food each lady will leave the evening with a framed piece of art as well as the desire to continue pursing Modern Calligraphy and the information on how to do so you can pay cash (if you know us personally or email or you can pay with pay pal on through here! limited seating available so act now before its full

MARCH 9th 7-9:30 PM in Abbotsford (details upon purchase of where event will take place)

when purchasing ticket please fill out all details so we can email you a confirmation 🙂


Sign up HERE!

Garbage in, Garbage out

I often go through an outer body experience when I am sitting on the couch, watching netflix, with some sort of carby food in one hand, and some sort of sugary drink in the other. I mask this thought with “I deserve this” or “today was so crappy, I need to relax and unwind”. When in reality, this doesn’t help you at all! You fall asleep later because you never let your brain process the day, and your stomach is full of items way to close to bedtime. Than you wake up feeling gross, saying you’ll do better this time, only to shove some leftover m&m’s in your mouth during your morning coffee because you were trying to intermittent fast. Anyone else? I feel like I am not the only one.


When we shove garbage in daily (food, movies, content on phones, sitting with bad postures, losing confidence cause the sweatpants come on ASAP after the day) we will feel like Garbage daily. Sure we can indulge every so often, but what does every so often mean to you?


I remember talking with my husband about special occasions, and when we were trying to figure how often we could have a certain item, and than we were like yeah on special occasions. Well there is literally a special occasion every week, let alone bi-weekly at least.  We crave short term rewards, but don’t realize how much it affects us long term.


What is your health worth to you? Are you where you ideally want to be? I am not saying size 2, eat like a rabbit, and work out 3 hours a day. My Ideal is honestly 20 lbs away, and more toned for sure (I don’t know how to measure muscle mass lol). I also want to stop craving sugar! So I am constantly buying smart sweets and berries, trying my hardest not to cave into milk chocolate and swedish berries.  Because the other aspect is, DO YOU KNOW WHAT’S IN YOUR FOOD!  ( I won’t get into this, because its a whole other blog post for sure).


So here is my goal for you (and me).

  1. If you are struggling to discover the best you, you can be, SEEK HELP! You are important, you are worth being healthy, happy, and confident you. I know this costs money, but maybe you should look at where your money is going and shift it. I noticed for myself, when i asked my significant other it was a huge game changer in our marriage. He shared with me in a kind way that he wanted better things for me and it worked! I am motivated, I still make mistakes, but I am seeking help through naturopath and continually learning more about my body and what it needs to thrive.
  2. Write down in one day what you eat, when you eat, what you watch, what you do, how you respond to people around you, who you spend time with. Than look at it later and think, is it something you want to be?  Are your decisions smart for you? Then check your phone settings on usage, you can see how much time you spend on different apps, and hours you spend and when you spend time on it. Are you happy with this?
  3. Your body changes as you age. THIS WAS A HARD ONE FOR ME, in highschool, i would think about a muscle, or weight and it would happen overnight. Or I was in better shape because my lifestyle was sports and activities. So when I had my second child, my body shifted its needs, how it reacted to certain foods, and I even had to realize that exercising doesn’t always work if your body isn’t ready for it. So be sure to learn your body.
  4. If you have any questions, or want to talk to someone I am here! I would love to chat with  you about healthy living and the journey to a garbage-less lifestyle. I am nowhere near perfect, but i am learning and would love to share my findings.


How are you feeling? Let us know!


Carla Thiessen

Feather & Mane


Photo credit – JuliaBe Photography