Marvelous Mothers Part 3 : Vicky Hawkins



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Meet: Vicky Hawkins



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We pride ourselves in supporting local businesses and promoting shopping where you live, but we had to bend our own rules when we heard about Vicky Hawkins. When I first heard a friend rave about her experience with The twisted mustard seed, I was blown away by the heart behind the business. My friend had won one of the giveaways put on by Vicky and her company and the whole process of receiving her prize touched both our hearts and all who hear her story. Vicky went above and beyond for a client who wasn’t even a paying customer. She included more than was expected in the prize package and found a way to bless someone who was at a point in her own life where she really needed it. We really had no choice but to meet this lady and see if we could feature her and the rest is history. 

Tell us a little bit about your family and how long you have had your business up and running?

I’m a mommy of two precious kiddos, ages 5 (my son) and 3 (my daughter) and reside outside of Dallas, Texas. Twisted Mustard Seed began two years ago literally as a dream, and recently celebrated our first year of selling December 17, 2016. What was the inspiration behind starting your own business? As a Mother of two, I’ve questioned my “place” in the world as an individual, and wasn’t sure the professional path God wanted me in. I’ve worked years in Corporate America, but always felt an indescribable emptiness on how I could give and show my unique 1%. With faith and years of prayer, September 2014 I got my answer. With unspeakable and profound love for my two precious angels, I knew I was meant to design something around my greatest happiness. That September the name Twisted Mustard Seed was placed on my heart, but had know clue why. When mentioned to my husband, he then quoted the scripture that had been our guiding light as parents (Matthew 17:20).


What is your favorite part about running your own business?

My favorite part(s) of owning my own business is having the accessibility to be there when needed for my children. I also enjoy making my own hours, and the overwhelming joy of creating a product that can impact/play a role in someone’s life.

Which household chores do you detest?

As a mom of a little boy, I absolutely DEMISE cleaning toilets…you never know what you’re going to get or find.

When do you find the time to fit in work? Do you have a Nanny, childcare, or house cleaner? How do you balance it all?

Thankfully both of my kiddos go to school full-time but when they’re out for the summers, I work during “quiet time” which gives me an hour during the day. Once they go to bed in the evenings, I work an additional 3 hours plus. My day consists of dropping my babies off in the mornings, working out for an hour (always need to take care of yourself! Plus it elevates stress and provides a clear level mind, when I come home to work), work for 4 hours, pick up kiddos and tend to their extracurricular activities, make dinner, put kids down, and provide one on one time with my honey…the most important part of my day. We do not have a house cleaner, but Mondays are my mandated days to clean. I balance everything with my “book of life,” i.e. my calendar that I tote everywhere with me. If it’s not in the “book of life” it doesn’t exist/happen!

Twisted Mustard Seed-All-0086-4 (1).jpg

What was the greatest advice you have received since becoming a parent or since starting your own business that has helped you?

The best parenting advice that I’ve received was from my mother. She would always say, “That if you’re not the biggest advocate for your child, than no one else will.” The older my kiddos become, the more I realize how true this is. The best business advice that I’ve ever received was to take my time and to never give up on my dream…no matter what people may say or think.

What has been your greatest hurdle when it comes to running your own business and raising your family?

Working overseas has definitely been a hurdle due to time frames, shipping costs (crate shipping which is usually done via boat, can take up to 6 weeks or more to receive inventory), and even their holidays which could effect overall production.

How do you balance your other relationships in your life (such as friends, parents, partner?)

With work and my personal life sometimes intertwining, I definitely rely on my “book of life” i.e. calendar to keep everything in line. Everything is scheduled, even date nights… that is a MUST! I absolutely LOVE dating my husband.

What did you want to be when you were younger?

For the longest I wanted to be a baton twirler, and do that as a profession!

What careers have you had in the past that led to where you are today?

I always tell people that my PMJ (Pre Mommy Job) was in Marketing and PR for Comcast Cable. That has definitely been a huge tool in marketing my own product(s).

What advice would you give someone just starting out?

Just to NEVER give up! A dream is never stupid, unless you allow it to be.

What was the greatest Mother’s Day/or birthday gift you have received?

The greatest Mother’s Day was when I became a Mother for the first time. Celebrating Mother’s Day as a mom, is surreal and the best thing ever! My best birthday gift had to be when my husband wrote me a poem, on how much I meant to him. WOW, talk about an overflow of tears!

We loved getting to spend a little time getting to know Vicky a little bit more and hope you found some encouragement in her story. Make sure you sign up for her give away for that beautiful bag shown below! Details are on Instagram @featherandmane 

-Jessica and Carla


WINNER IS—– LISANNFRANCIS— Congrats soon to be mama!


2 thoughts on “Marvelous Mothers Part 3 : Vicky Hawkins

  1. Oh man…That first Mother’s Day is a doozy!!! I remember being so unbelieveably happy. No gift was needed! So many mommas are having a hard time having a baby. We are so blessed! It was great to get to know some about you Vicky! I am glad you are loving what you are doing! Best wishes!! ❤ XOXO


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