Feather and Mane's Mentorship Program

We are so very excited about what is happening over here at Feather and Mane. Carla and I have been dreaming big and one major thing that has been on our hearts for the past few months is finally ready to be launched.


Mentorship With Feather and Mane

We believe that a strong Community is built upon relationships. Relationships not only with your family and long time friends but with your neighbors and like minded strangers you have yet to meet. Our dream to to create a place for people to come and share their hearts, dreams, and aspirations. We not only what you to be able to share your thoughts but to also be able to find the answers to your questions through different forms.

One way we have been planning to help this very idea become a reality is by creating a mentor ship program where people looking to take their business, blog or even just their dream to the next level, can find the help. We are firm believers in the power of mentorship in a persons life. Having both seen the benefits that a Mentor/ Mentee relationship has on our own lives, we are dreaming big for our new project.

What we are looking for in a Mentor:

  • Someone who has a few hours a week for a month time commitment to dedicate to providing wisdom, advice, or brainstorming ideas with their Mentee.
  • Someone who has had their own small business/blog for over a few months and feels confident in sharing their ups and downs thus far.
  • Someone who may be looking to expand but is not sure they have enough work to offer an employee.
  • Someone who loves to collaborate and see others thrive.
  • Someone who believes in “babes supporting babes” and wants to promote their product/brand in a whole new way.

What are some benefits of becoming a Mentor with Feather and Mane?

  • Sharing your love and knowledge for the thing you do and passing on your knowledge to someone who needs it.
  • Future collaborations with Feather and Mane and with potential mentee
  • Promoting done by Feather and Mane for involvement in program and future photo shoots
  • Mentorship Celebration and dinner party at the end of each Mentorship period with other Mentors.
  • Being Featured on our Featured Female blog spot.
  • Future monetary compensation (after test group has been completed. and all kinks have been ironed out, when we make money so will you)
  • We will only be taking a limited number of Mentors into our program. Apply and join our team, sooner the better.

What are we looking for in a Mentee?

  • Someone who is launching their business/blog and still have a bunch of questions of how to be successful.
  • Someone who is dreaming big but doesn’t know how to start.
  • Someone who may be looking to be hired by a small business or blogger but doesn’t know if it would be a good fit.
  • Someone who wants to break out on their own and start their own employment.
  • Someone with a few extra hours a week to dedicate to making their dreams happen.
  • Someone who is looking for advice on how to make their already existing business/blog grow.
  • Someone who needs accountability and support in specific areas of their business/blog
  • Someone who wants to meet other like minded individuals and grow a community of support around them.

What are some benefits for Being a Mentee with Feather and Mane?

  • Individual one on one time with someone already in the industry
  • Getting business questions answered.
  • Getting to experience what the pros and cons of owning your own business or running your own blog are.
  • Collaboration
  • Potentially earning employment
  • Becoming a part of a community of people who believe in supporting each other.


Our Goal for the Mentorship Program is that we can form a small business/blogger community that helps connect people exactly where they are at with their dreams and vision. We are dreaming big, here at Feather and Mane, and our Mentorship program is just the first step to help create the community and village that we have been planning to provide for all of you.

Please take some time to fill out one (or both) of the Questionnaires we have created. Also, as mentioned in the form if you have any questions, concerns, or ideas, please feel free to email us at featherandmane@gmail.com with the title of the Questionnaire as your subject header. We would love to provide you with more information as needed.

I Want to Be a MENTOR

I Want to Be a MENTEE

– Jessica (lioness)


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