How to buy presents without going bankrupt.

Sometimes we get caught up in the Christmas spirit,and think “YOLO” and buy everyone you can think of a gift. You go home thinking to yourself, “wow, I am such a nice person”. In actuality, you just fed your purchase dopamine . I know that when Christmas comes we automatically see our finances and for myself feel poopy because I want to spoil my kids and my family, and I feel like this is the real excuse to spend money. But I am here to help you (and myself) a way to survive the holidays with enough money for the mortgage come January 1st.

1.Here are some great ideas! I love the painted glassware idea.

2. have a gift exchange with everyone! (including the parentals) make it a smaller gift price (instead of 60-100 per person, maybe go to $30 and have it either handmade or local sourced), I purchased an Abby shirt from Montrose and George. a few items from Spruce Collective.

3. Do your kids really need presents from you? I know, I know we all love giving our kids gifts. They will be getting gifts from cousins, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and the list goes on. I also know, for us we decided to be super simple and I know the things my kids really want is time playing with them and baking cookies together.

4. Go sentimental for those who you can go for. We found some amazing pinterest ideas for grandparent gifts, and search your siblings instagram accounts for ideas and who they follow (I know sounds super creepy).

5. Create memories over things. Its so great to see your kids excited about Christmas lights, reindeer, Baby Jesus and all the fun things that happen with this season.


What kind of advice do you have for the holidays and staying on budget?!

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