I love my siblings.

I remember spending hours and days playing with my 2 brothers and sister. We were home schooled and sometimes when we got into a large imaginative zone of hot wheels, barbies, k-nex and lego/duplo, our mom would let us go until we got bored. Sometimes it would last a few hours, and other times, it felt like it was days long.

When I started realizing the concept of time, I soon realized how privileged i was to not know what days school happened and how many hours they were. I never complained about Saturday homeschooling, or the hours it took to go over reading and writing. I was able to have a flexible schedule until I absolutely needed to start learning the “normal” way.

I have been so thankful for the years I experienced playing with my siblings, and I truly feel the reason I am connected to them on any level is because we have so many memories as children being together and playing outside, or learning and growing together. Now we are all in completely different avenues of life, we have grown into strong men and women of this world and I feel have truly thrived in wherever we have worked or lived. I always hear of how amazing my siblings are in the life they are in, and that they don’t give up or crush dreams. They drive forward and bring people with them on the journey to whatever success they are reaching to.

Sometimes I catch myself almost boasting in one paragraph of all three of my siblings and what they are doing, and how I feel that I will never be as cool as any of them. I am so thankful for my siblings. We are so different, but yet the same. We are strong, motivated, idea makers, idea completer,empathetic, good listeners, relate able, social, funny,driven, somewhat extroverted and I would say we can all carry conversations well. We are also very sensitive ( especially when you say ” don’t be so sensitive”), sarcastic, honest, distant at times, keep to ourselves, only share what is needed to be shared, and I would say pretty competitive.

Though we have lots in common, we each have so many things that make us unique. I would make a list of each person but that would take forever.

I pray every day that my kids will love each other the way I love my sister and brothers. I would literally do anything for them!


what kind of relationship do you have with your siblings? love? distant? admire? I would love to hear your thoughts!


4 thoughts on “I love my siblings.

  1. So touching! My sister is very young and I got married early so I really feel I’ve missed out on that aspect , but looking forward to the future when we are in the same place 🙂


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