Darling Hurts

Frequently when 7 friends get together to hang out, the only proof of their gathering is a bunch of chaos and a large mess for the host to clean up. My sister and I, got to witness a whole different set of results when we were invited to the Album release party for seven wonderful friends, more commonly known as, Darling Hurts.

The music that filled the air was catchy and playful. The lyrics were creative and thought provoking. I found myself getting caught up in the rhythm and beat of the music and then when I allowed myself to focus on the words being sung, I was delighted even more. The Lyrics enticed me down a path of creative inspiration. I found myself humming along to songs I had never once heard and feeling at “home” to songs I had only heard  once before.


Darling Hurts is leaving their mark on the music industry, and it is a very unique one to say the least. I have never heard a band with quite the amount of musical talent, as well as such unique vocals. The deep sound that the lead singer brings pares well with the soft sweet vocals of the two female artists.

John Santic – is the frontman and main singer and songwriter. He also plays the guitar with great talent.

Craig Bosnick – plays the drums and the banjo.

Rick Eitzen – Plays the Mandolin, ukulele, guitar and  vocals.

Alissa Chojnacki – Sings vocals

Christine Bunkowski – Sings vocals

Natalie Warkentin – Violin and vocals

Darren Elliot – Bass

Their name is what first caught my attention. My dear friend Alissa, is one of the singers of this group, and when she first mentioned to me that she was in a band called “darling hurts” I had to ask her about the name. There is a great explanation on their website (found here) but to share it in my own words, I would say that they like to derive their lyrics for their songs from the tension that is present when you say the words “darling” and “hurts” together. Finding the good in the bad. Finding the positive in the horrible. Finding the healing in the pain. This is evident in their poetic lyrics present in each of their well written songs.

We are so excited to share with you this musical talent. We truely feel blessed to have been able to hear them sing live. If you enjoy what you hear on their CD you will LOVE them in person. So much personality and passion put into each note, Darling Hurts is sure to go far. I know they have these two girls swooning for another album.

Check out this local talent and listen to them on Itunes and Bandcamp

You can also follow them on Instagram (@darlinghurts) and facebook (darling hurts) to stay updated on upcoming shows and musical releases.

Give their album “there was a spring” a listen and let us know if you are as in love with this Local Folk band as we are.



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