Shayla's Sweet Treats

We have the pleasure of meeting Shayla at the Abbotsford Bakers Market and she is just one of those fun lively people you remember.

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1. what is your specialty?

My specialty is custom chocolates. I am able to match almost any theme or color. Customers can come to me with an idea and I recreate that using chocolate. I have matched party decor, business logos, or even drawn a child’s favorite monster truck!


2. best seller?

My best seller would likely be a toss up between Paw Patrol theme and Frozen theme chocolates.

3. how did you get started? what made you passionate about selling your item?

I saw the business for sale on a Facebook mom group! I am a certified event planner and knew that this type of product fit well with what I was already doing in life career wise. It also paired well with my love of art because it is basically painting with chocolate! As a mom, I also know about how difficult it is to find practical party favors for birthdays and my chocolate lollipops are great as giveaways at events of all types!

IMG_20160805_100534 (1).jpg
Who doesn’t love Paw Patrol









Thank you so much Shayla for allowing us to share your business with the rest of the world!

Check out the website and Instagram

SURPRISE: If anyone shares in the comments that they heard of Shayla’s Sweet Treats Via Feather and Mane they will get 15% off the entire order!

-Owl and Lion


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