Operation Candy Hand over


Last night I realized just how adorable my children really are. They came home with 2 giant bags of candy and were only trick or treating for 1 hour. The neighbors were clearly handing out candy like I was; 1 for the big kids, 3 for the clever costumes,  and 15 for those cute little toddling ducks, lady bugs, and firefighters.

As I sat and overdosed on candy last night, I thought about how I could not make this a habit. Putting the kids to bed early so I could eat all their candy probably is not a good life choice. Throwing it in the garbage is just not an option for this Dutch girl. So what can we do with all the halloween candy?

Here is a plan I made after a little google research.

  1. Sort all the candy and only keep the candy you and your kids will actually eat.
  2. put all the candy with peanuts (if not already in your pile) in a separate pile.
  3. Now with all the leftovers put them in a bag and decide what option works best for you of where to donate them.

Here are some ideas of where you can donate your candy (Make sure you call ahead of time to ensure they are accepting donations and ask which kind would benefit their program. Do not just show up and drop off. In most cases it will just get thrown out)

  1. Local Children’s Hospital
  2. Local Food banks
  3. Local Nursing Homes
  4. Local Churches or Synagogues as prizes for their youth and children’s ministry.
  5. Christmas Shoe boxes; operation shoe box or Metro kids located in Surrey BC


Good luck!



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