Scondalous Scones

We had the privilege of interviewing Tonia (and Jessa) at the Abbotsford Bakers Market.

Tonia makes delicious scones! I feel like if someone isn’t even into baked goods, they always love scones. The classic, sweet and savory that hits everyone’s tastebuds.20161002_120541



Scondalous scones debut was at the Abbotsford Bakers Market, and we are so glad they shared with us! “The salted caramel scone was a best seller at the market” Tonia said. With a lot of the same reason’s as the other vendors, Tonia started Scondalous Scones through the push from her biggest fans, her family. ” My kids love my scones, and after eating them the common phrase is, why are we not rich?

Tonia came in with more than she felt was enough for the market, and went home with a small box!

Miranda from The Cookie Canister also asked Tonia to join the market, and we are all thankful for that nudge.

what is your favorite scone to make?

“Salted caramel is fun because it is a completely different recipe than the other scones.”


So there you have it, Scondalous Scones check them out!


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