Waggin Tails

Abbotsford Bakers Market has some great vendors and our first feature is this young guy.


Calebe Jewell is not your average kid. He decided, because he likes dogs, to create “Waggin Tails”,Delicious, all natural homemade dog treats.


This Barkery was not something I was willing to eat but sounded like such a great idea! Calebe adds all the tasty bits besides sugar to their delicious treats for dogs

What’s your specialty?

Calebe makes Dog Treats. No preservatives, no additives, no artificial colours, no artificial flavours. you can find Calebe here on etsy and instagram .


Best selling Dog treat?

everyone’s favorite are the “scooby snacks”. Which I think I would go towards if I had a dog. I would love to say “come here boy, come get your scooby snacks!”.


Why did you start this?

Calebe loves dogs and has one dog named Bella. Calebe shared that “Bella is the best” and he isn’t sure why he started “Waggin tails”.


All I know is, this guy is a born entrepreneur and has some great motivation to try something new.


Check Waggin Tails out!


-Owl and Lion


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