The Popcorn Bar

Now Lion was OBSESSED with this vendor and is already attempting to dream of a birthday party that incorporates this vendor we met.

So Feather and Mane would like to introduce The Popcorn Bar Sarita was the Visionary of this popcorn madness and along with her husband Tyler that now share Sarita’s obsession with popcorn to all who can find them.


What got us started in making and selling popcorn:

My complete and total obsession with popcorn!  I am a very passionate person and have had an ongoing urge to utilize my talents and passion in a way that made sense to me, even if that meant being unconventional.  So it started as a daydream, and one day I went for it – I started an Instagram account using inspiration from Pinterest, experimented with flavours with my mom and before we knew it, we were receiving orders via social media!

Best Selling Flavour:

We have a handful of best sellers as we find favourites differ based on what type of event we are at and where it is.  At the Abbotsford Baker’s Market, we sold out of Caramel Crunch (handcrafted, salted caramel) and our Pumpkin Spice blend so quickly!  Our top selling savoury flavour at the same market was Nirvana, our Indian Spice Blend.


What is unique about our popcorn vs. others:

First of all, I am convinced no one is as enthusiastic about popcorn as I am, so there’s that!  But really, our popcorn is absolutely and totally handcrafted from start to finish with no added preservatives, and we create very unique flavours that are very different than mass produced snacks.  Aside from our actual popcorn, we also provide event services as an interesting way bring fun and flavour to any event!


Something I love making:

I am very fond of making our Indian spice blend, Nirvana, as it brings out a bit of my dad’s heritage!  Out of the kitchen, I love creating custom labels for party favours.  The presentation always adds to the quality of the product!

Well if you aren’t convinced about the passion Sarita has for popcorn after this post, than nothing will convince you! We were very excited to talk with Sarita and hopefully we will collaborate with her in the future.


-Owl and Lion


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