Battersup Cupcakes and Sweets

Ange Rutherford was a delight to meet at the Abbotsford Bakers Market. She gave us some delicious peanut butter mini cookies!


Ange with her Daughter. the reason she started baking,so she could work from home and spend time with her little lady.


We asked her a few questions on how this all happened

When did you start Battersup Cupcakes and Sweet?

“In March 2015 I started this company” Ange explains I have been baking for friends and family for years and just challenging myself more each time.  Last February I was asked to make mini mouse cupcakes for my girlfriends little girls first birthday. Of course I did and when people saw and tasted them they were on me again to start this as a side business. After talking it over with my husband we decided to start up an Instagram/facebook account and see where it goes. Well I have been non stop busy ever since!! Abbotsford bakers market was only my second market and sold out at both. It’s so nice to have people coming back for my baked goods.” 

Why kind of baked goods do you make?

“Currently I make cupcakes (standard & mini) in a wide selection of flavours and special orders. Mini whoopie pies ( mini cookies with buttercream sandwich between them). And baked donuts!!! I will be adding new sweets to my menu come the new year! “


Favorite thing to make?

  “That’s a tough one because I just LOVE to bake. But right now I think it’s coming up with different flavours for my fancy donuts. And of course the S’more cupcakes. “

Best seller?

Best sellers are by far the S’more and turtle cupcakes. With a closer runner up being the mini Peanut Butter cookies! “

Ange it was truly a treat to meet you this past Sunday afternoon! be sure to check out her facebook page and instagram or email Ange at



-Owl and Lion



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