The Leaky Teat- Lactation Cookies

Next up on the vendors of the Abbotsford Bakers Market is

Denise Reid the owner of “the leaky teat”


This lady makes DELICIOUS cookies!


here is what Denise had to say in response to our questions

Whats your specialty?

Denise make Lactation Cookies for those who need a boost in there breast milk supply or want to help a friend out and pump some extra milk.

Best Seller?

Chocolate chip is always a crowd pleaser

How did you start?

This was an accidental business. She started by making some for friends and than decided to try on facebook bidding site. Well they were a hit and kept getting more and more orders. Denise’s true desire for this cookie is to help local moms with a leg up on nursing. She really has a passion to help those around her and was truly a generous women! she gives lots of samples for those who are nursing and not 🙂


Thanks for letting us eat and share about your great product!

  • Lion and Owl




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