Abbotsford Bakers Market

My sister and I had the wonderful privilege of getting front row seats to all the action at the Abbotsford Bakers Market this weekend.


I am an huge fan of Markets. I love Farmers markets, Christmas markets, craft markets, and today I found out that I LOVE Bakers markets. The passion and enthusiasm that we found at each one of those booths is contagious and makes me want to dig out my recipe book and find some sort of treat I can share with the world. But I think the fact that I am not sharing with the world any of my baking, is treat enough.


Each vendor at this market had their own unique story of what lead them to starting their own shop. We had the fantastic task of getting to know a little of each booth’s background and over the next few weeks we will be sharing their stories on our blog. So tune in over the course of the month to find out more about who we met and what delicious snacks you could be eating right now.


Until then, I will leave you with this tantalizing thought. Marshmallows and bacon, curried popcorn, mini apple pies, pumpkin spice fudge, and earl grey scones. Lets just say I skipped lunch, for the week.



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