Rookie DIY projects

Sometimes I think “I love DIY projects, I am going to make a desk out of pallets and sand it down and do it all myself”.  Than reality kicks in and I do not have that much creativity in my life.

I love DIY projects to a certain degree. SO, here is a sample of something I literally finished in maybe 1 hr (includes purchase and painting, not included, bringing upstairs).

My husband and I needed a desk for our main floor. We didn’t want something white, becuase we have white walls, white table, white accent items, white everything! and we were feeling like everything looked too put together and not enough flair or style. SO we decided, since buying a brand new desk is way to expensive (unless you love ikea still), and most of the time older desks are not in tip top shape, we would embrace the older style and maybe just fix the top of it a bit.

So I bought a desk for 60.00 at Mennonite Central Committee Thrift Center (BEST PLACE EVER), and found some great FAT chalk paint that would go with the color of the desk and got to work.

I sanded the top a bit and just bought the color “peacock” from a store called wildflower downtown Abby.

Literally one coat later

I just waited for it to dry and added a bit more to make it look a little bit textured.

End result. Not the best arranged photo but you get the idea. We will be getting something clear to put our computer and mouse on top of because of the nature of the paint it shows easy, but with how easy this project was and I love the color scheme, I am pretty content with the turn out.


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