Belated Featured Female : Monde Janzen

oops! a little miscommunication! so sorry! here is our amazing female feature! winner of prize was posted on instagram!

What is the name of your business?FB_IMG_1467608967321
My parent company is Kuomboka Crafts, however for my kids brand the name is “Jummie’s Threads”
Jummie is my childhood nickname. Infact most my relatives in Zambia still call me by  Jummie. The story behind this name is one of my cousins Beswa (who was 3yrs at the time ) started calling me Jummie , while she and i were playing.  i must have been like 1yr old, my mum liked the name and she started calling me Jummie. so when i thought of a name for my kids brand Jummie was just perfect.

What first inspired you to start your brand?
I draw my inspiration from children, people i have met, places been, and traveled.
I make what my kids would wear, i use mostly African and Western Prints. This way they can appreciate both cultures.

My Passion of sewing as a business since last year October 2015. I launched at the Zambian 51st Independence Celebration in Coquitlam, BC Canada.

Who Taught you to Sew?
My mother and sister in-law taught me how to sew. My mother in-law made all her children’s clothing until they were teens. In 2012 when I was pregnant with our second son they showed me how to thread and helped cut the fabric.  I remember my mother in-law saying “measure twice and cut once” …I miss her.
I made curtains for the baby room with matching, duvet, blanket, curtains and pillows for his room. I just couldn’t stop sewing.

Dec 2014 my mother brought over her 50 year old Swiss Elna sewing machine again and we were going to make shepherd outfits for the boys Christmas play. However, I noticed my mother in-law was very slow and couldn’t remember some things about sewing, so I googled and “youtube” most of the stuff, like threading a bobbin etc.  Then four days later we got a call that she had a stroke. So I think my passion for sewing came about after my mother in-law had a stroke ( to carry on her legacy) and also after our youngest son was born. I love to match my family, I often had to visit a few stores before I could find matching outfits from newborn to 5T not to mention the whole family.

Another inspiration is my own mother’s  love for fashion.  When I was growing up she always (still does) loved to wear elegant  African prints and always looked so flawless .

I can tell that family is so important to you. Tell me about your family and what your home life is like.

I come from a family of four siblings. My elder brother, myself, younger brother and little sister. We were raised by our mom.

I am a wife and mommy to 3 sweet boys. We live on a farm.

How do you balance work and home life and your amazing farm?

We live on a farm so this is my first year of having to balance a sewing business, an organic farm, and 3 boys.

I usually do my sewing at night when all the kids are asleep and I am less distracted. This allows me to easily tap into my creative side without being interrupted every 5 minutes by one of my beautiful boys. Drinking a tea that stays hot and letting my self think and create brings me such pleasure.

During the day I am busy with dropping kids off at school, house chores and of course farm work. I grow most of our own vegetables, we also grow commercial Red russian organic garlic.

Sunday is my day off day. We attend church and spend time with family and friends.

What is your goal for your company ? 
I want to be a shopping place for everyone and be able to make enough income so I can be a stay at home mom till the boys are grown.

What motivates you?
My family, the future and God’s purpose for my life. I want to use my blessing to the best of my abilities and as an outlet to bless other people.

What sucks the life out of you?
1. Laundry,  I never can stay on top of it ( I have a crib full of laundry as I am typing this lol)
2. When I find a hole in a garment when ironing it just before packaging it for shipping. So Frustrating.
3. Hand Weeding 1800m of garlic field in a day. However, I now plan my days according and if I do not get everything done that was on my list I don’t stress anymore (having three boys has calmed me down )

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

1. Have a brand where everyone can feel at home
2. Be a commercial garlic growing farm

What does your dream retirement look like and how does your small business fit into those plans?

I want to be sewing for our grandkids,friends and family.  I would love to be living on a self sufficient acreage.

Tell us something absolutely amazing about you that we would knock our socks off! : 

I was Zambia’s first female white water raft guide, before I moved to Canada. I also studied Agriculture at UFV.

Where can we find your store?

Jummie’s Threads


Thank You so much Monde for letting us have a glimpse into your family and business. You are one amazing and inspiring mama and entrepreneur. Definitely a role model in the Mompreneur category. 

Thank you for giving one of our readers this amazing Giveaway!

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