Learning to Love Jesus all over again

Sometimes I miss being a teenager. You look back and remember sleeping in, being upset about 250 word assignments, skipping class to spend the day out in Vancouver, going to youth and being loved on with a great program and awesome leaders, basically not “adulting”. You always wanted to be older in a some way, but you didn’t actually have to be. So nice…

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to lead a group of 8 students from my youth group on a 10 day missions trip through MB Mission. Instead of spending 40,000 on a 1 week trip to mexico or wherever isn’t close. we spent 500 each to join an amazing short term missions trip program called “SOAR”. the trip consisted of staying in richmond in school classrooms, working alongside a church plant that is affiliated with Mennonite Brethren Denomination in Vancouver. Joining this program we got to have sessions and share the program with 3 other church youth groups, but we all had our own church plant we were working with.

Hands down best program i have ever been apart of. As a youth pastor i was able to walk alongside the youth and not have to run everything. i had so much support and they had incredible topics of active listening prayer and personal quiet time, sessions on letting God have it all and surrendering, as well as amazing team times of foot washings and communion.

being apart of this missions trip, I came in thinking “oh jeepers, 10 days away from the fam jam, husband is going to kill me, and kids are going to die without me!” as the first day unfolded i felt a sense of release from daily home life to really focus on my relationships with my awesome youth and God.

I have to admit, I have forgotten what it is like to have a spiritual high, to feel moved by something God inspired. I have never doubted my faith, nor brushed it aside, but to feel impact from a personal story, to be prayed over or even be in an incubator like setting to really hone in on why God, why missions, what does this all mean?! I LOVED IT

My youth team WOWED me, we established that we could try different forms of worship, prayer or even just trying to be more affirming in general from the first day. These students dived in, worshipping on there knees, praying for each other, affirming each other, and even being contagious and sharing it with the other youth groups. I fell in love with Jesus all over again by seeing the way my students burned and yearned to be closer to God.

God moved me, I cried on the daily just watching and participating in such close fellowship. I missed Him, I burn and yearn for Him and didn’t even realize I didn’t before. I have this new sense of wanting to put God in the forefront of my personal life. I can so easily just seek guidance from God on a Church ministry level, that I forgot to really add it to myself. Not to just pray for meals and for bedtime for my kids, but to show myself that I want to read my Bible, that I want to know and share stories with my neighbours.

Where is your relationship with God? do you seek him? when praying do you take on an active listening posture?(turning your face solely and allowing Him to answer in His timing) do you pray for others right when you say “i will pray for you”? when was the last time you read your Bible outside of church sermons or caregroup series?






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