Hells Gate

This weekends Family Adventure was very last minute. To avoid sharing the whole long story of how and when our truck broke down and why we had to pick it up in Hope, B.C (which is an hour and half from our home) I will just start our adventure by saying we were in Hope for Business and decided to make the most of it. After we picked up our truck and the sun peaked out from behind clouds we made the choice to be tourists for the day and go and explore that amazing mighty river that passes through the glorious mountain ranges here in Beautiful British Columbia.

A great way to learn about some of B.C’s History when it comes to explorers and early settlers is to take in some tourist attractions. Hells Gate is wonderful for all of the above.


The Airtram is super exciting and does not take very long to travel in. While you descend into the valley below the Airtram operator gives you a quick history and a few fun facts about the area below.  My husband is not one for heights so the quick ride was perfect for his nerves.13663643_10157109864880405_492288258_o

The bridge that goes over top of the river has grated steel floor so you are able to get the full effect of how might that river is below.13632876_10157109417385405_1971138558_o13663598_10157109533685405_1589158372_o13647124_10157109301105405_1767802246_o13647053_10157109788525405_1835064752_o

There is an option to hike from the top and take the Airtram up. The cost is minimal and if we didnt have our kids with us that would have been the route we would have taken. 13663360_10157109864780405_14181434_o13646793_10157109533755405_261996056_o

The train went by and it looked as if it was driving through the middle of the mountain.13621623_10157109690855405_278467366_o13663637_10157109690620405_1928542641_o13621333_10157109594680405_152798274_o

Not in this picture, but you can also river raft down these rapids. Another time we are definitely doing that!


The little ones were not forgotten. at the bottom of the decent is plenty of activities for the children to learn and discover about what life used to be like way before iphones and laundry machines. Gold panning, Mining, The museum shows films on fishing and the life of salmon. There is an amazing restaurant that has the most delicious salmon chowder. (they give free samples.) They have a gift shop and picnic area. Best of all they have a fudge shop and sell ice cream.13663490_10157109350790405_1813030893_o13621651_10157109630915405_199908063_o

They have a room where the children can play if they are getting restless and mommy still wants to read all the museum facts.13639855_10157109747220405_650134069_o

Once you have explored all there is to explore and you have adventured across the bridge and back, you take the tram back to the top and call it a day.

When you buy a pass it lasts the whole year. You can bet we will be back.



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