They will never fully know how much I love them

I am (hopefully) at the end of 8 days of kids with the flu. The Carla before being a parent wouldn’t of been able for any amount of money clean blow out diahrea diapers or being puked on multiple times in a day. 

As I calmly say “let it out little man, it’s okay”. All the while having my fourth sweatpants outfit change and moving on to my husbands wardrobe because of all my clothes being in the wash. 

As I change I catch myself in the mirror, stretch marks, c-section scar, and growing up a little. I know everyone shares, you have two healthy kids.

This morning it actually got to me, I have so much love and have sacrificed my bikini wearing days and sans vericose vein legs for these two unreal kids. They will never fully know how much I love them. NEVER. I know my mom had four of us, and I remember her sometimes sharing what happened to her body after kids. But as a the kid, I could of cared less (so mean to think now that I have gone through it). 

I would do anything for these munchkins. I would sleep a couple hours a night so I can be there for my son as he sits on his porcelain thrown watching paw patrol on my phone. 

I would give up my scarless stomach for them all over again! 

I know that they will never know how much I love them. But I know how much I do

I am going to miss my babies as I am off on a missions trip today. But I know daddy loves them too. 

– Owl


One thought on “They will never fully know how much I love them

  1. SimplyAshNicole says:

    This is perfect! So real and so honest. Your kids are very lucky to have you as their mommy! Keep sharing, I loved it!


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