13441924_10156997480295405_573632997_oI have been thinking a lot lately about how to parent our 3 and 4 year olds as they approach school age. They are still young so I am taking the time to do my research. With every article I read and blog post I devour, I notice something. Kindness is something this society is missing. Kindness can change people’s lives but in our society kindness is seen as weakness. Treating someone with kindness when no one else will takes the most courage there is. So many stories of great men and woman are based around a great act of kindness. The creator of the world showed us this very thing when He sent us His Son.

Kindness. How do we teach kindness?  I have been slowly introducing it to my children in simple ways.

1. I have been encouraging them to find ways to bring someone joy. An example is my children were playing Lego and my daughter was looking for hair for her Lego girl. My son took the hair off his girl and gave it to his sister and said, “look mom I found a way to bring her joy”

2. We were going to the grocery story and had a cart loaded with most of our monthly groceries. It was almost my turn to put the groceries on the convieor belt and noticed a man behind me with only a small basket. I let him go ahead of me. My daughter said “hey mom I think you brought him joy!”

3. My family knows that I love ginger ale. Especially on a hot day. It is a special treat we only buy sometimes. Well my husband and son were running errands and stopped at the corner store and while they were there my son suggested they get mommy her favourite drink because it was a hot day. He didn’t ask about himself. They just came home with a drink for me. I was so moved.

Cultivating kindness in our little people and praising them for not just sharing or doing what they are told but for thinking of ways to bring joy to others is such an important thing.

Teaching our children to include every one and not to form clubs or teams where people are left out. This is so important. Especially in the world we are living in today. People are different. Emotions are important. Letting our children know that no one is like them and that everyone is important are two things we are striving to do in our house. Not one of us is like the other. Using our uniqueness to help other people and work together will bring a lot of joy to a lot of people.

Anyways, those are just my thoughts for today. Now I am going to go and who some kindness by giving my littlest a cuddle after her afternoon nap, maybe followed by a mini cupcake:)



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