God Speaks, We don't listen

Sometimes I am in awe of what God does to me. I get all flustered and bombarded with daily situations, and than BAM he hits me like a brick wall.

The other day I was doing errands for Strata set up, getting things our house needed (garbage cans etc) and feeling really stressed about our first mortgage payment and property taxes and everything else we pretend doesn’t exist. than BAM, in the middle of Blackwoods I am floored with his unfailing love for me.

I do this a lot, when I am stressed, I look back in all the ways God has been there for me, i call them my stepping stones. Sometimes I don’t see the next stone, so I look back to see where I came from. I remembered the other day praying with a student, and hearing them say “thank you carla, I really appreciate you”. Have YOU ever heard a teen say Thank you?! I was struck by God, He sees me, He knows how much I love Him and want all to know Him deeply.

Sometimes I forget to pursue God. Sometimes I fill my mind and days with daily tasks and time outs for the toddler and feeding the baby and working on emails while I have two seconds aloneish.

God LOVES me, and sometimes he speaks to me and i don’t listen.

The past month or so, I have been needing to repeat myself a lot with our son (almost three), and at Blackwoods in the middle of an aisle I realized God has been repeating things to me, but i haven’t been listening.

Thank you Carla, I really appreciate you.

I was flooded with moments where i have heard that phrase, but at the moment i didn’t remember hearing them. How can that HAPPEN!? Why am I so foolish to not hear this.

I was hit again this morning. My sister posted a video of a couple who adopted a God called connection to this little girl they were meant to have. And it hit me, as they were discussing all the ways God revealed himself to them in this specific setting, I to have had so many revelations that I have chosen to ignore.

Thank you Carla for all you do, I really Appreciate you.

In this sense, I shouldn’t have childlike attitude to my Childlike faith.

What is God saying to you? are you listening?IMG_2410

just because this moment NEVER happens.



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