Moving and redoing 

I have so many things I could say  in this post. but the main thing is that I am so excited to be done! and settled in our new place.


But here is the update on my fun life. My Husband and I bought our first home!  a cute little duplex townhouse (yay we got into a duplex vs row). it backs onto a greenbelt and has a larger than usual backyard.  We bought it 3 months ago before townhouses were going up (they were just starting) and didn’t even have to go into bidding wars or anything. I am so THANKFUL that we got this place. The mortgage is the same as rent and the strata is reasonable because there aren’t any amenities with the small 30 house complex.


That being said. there is always something to look forward to in repair and replacement.

I hadn’t seen this space since march for 20 minutes when we did our only look (because we knew the market was starting on townhouses). so we bought quickly. I walked in on June 1st with a few “huh, i don’t remember it being this dark” and ” hmm  i didn’t realize how small this was”. slowly throughout the week it went ” wow, so thankful i like the light fixtures!” and ” wow the kitchen is actually larger than i remember”.  So here is some of the highlights!


The whole house was BROWN, like DARK BROWN. so we wanted white. and it took 4 Coats!

above is our daughters room! 8 months old, and she gets her own room for the first time!


Above is the hallway from the bedrooms. I think that was coat number 2.



these photos are not in order. This is my daughter. she is 8 months and loves crawling and exploring! she just started standing for the first time 2 days ago… NOT READY!

EVERY ONE needs my mother in law! she has come over and painted so much for us! and she is good! she has made it bareable to live here and she is so fast! This is our kitchen. Also PLUS we love the Flooring



In our old place, we had a lot of space and had to sell our larger items and replaced them with small more cute items. I am so excited that we have these grey leather dining room chairs

we also purchased these cute white chairs for our living room that can also be used in the dining room

above is our bedroom. we used a dark grey wall and we will be making it a chalkboard wall!


My brother was my realtor, and he said to make sure all the lightbulbs were there becuase sometimes people take those with them. I sent him this photo. I said, pretty sure they didnt take them otherwise they would of had to touch the bugs.


our living room before we painted it white! I will have more detailed photo’s in the future!



On top of renoing, my husband and I have been working full time. I have been working overtime with youth grads and life. I am really happy that we got a place, and I am so thankful for everyone who has helped us move and brought food!


This will most likely be the first one many DIY ideas


LOVE – OWL (Carla)


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