13441924_10156997480295405_573632997_oI have been thinking a lot lately about how to parent our 3 and 4 year olds as they approach school age. They are still young so I am taking the time to do my research. With every article I read and blog post I devour, I notice something. Kindness is something this society is missing. Kindness can change people’s lives but in our society kindness is seen as weakness. Treating someone with kindness when no one else will takes the most courage there is. So many stories of great men and woman are based around a great act of kindness. The creator of the world showed us this very thing when He sent us His Son.

Kindness. How do we teach kindness?  I have been slowly introducing it to my children in simple ways.

1. I have been encouraging them to find ways to bring someone joy. An example is my children were playing Lego and my daughter was looking for hair for her Lego girl. My son took the hair off his girl and gave it to his sister and said, “look mom I found a way to bring her joy”

2. We were going to the grocery story and had a cart loaded with most of our monthly groceries. It was almost my turn to put the groceries on the convieor belt and noticed a man behind me with only a small basket. I let him go ahead of me. My daughter said “hey mom I think you brought him joy!”

3. My family knows that I love ginger ale. Especially on a hot day. It is a special treat we only buy sometimes. Well my husband and son were running errands and stopped at the corner store and while they were there my son suggested they get mommy her favourite drink because it was a hot day. He didn’t ask about himself. They just came home with a drink for me. I was so moved.

Cultivating kindness in our little people and praising them for not just sharing or doing what they are told but for thinking of ways to bring joy to others is such an important thing.

Teaching our children to include every one and not to form clubs or teams where people are left out. This is so important. Especially in the world we are living in today. People are different. Emotions are important. Letting our children know that no one is like them and that everyone is important are two things we are striving to do in our house. Not one of us is like the other. Using our uniqueness to help other people and work together will bring a lot of joy to a lot of people.

Anyways, those are just my thoughts for today. Now I am going to go and who some kindness by giving my littlest a cuddle after her afternoon nap, maybe followed by a mini cupcake:)


God Speaks, We don't listen

Sometimes I am in awe of what God does to me. I get all flustered and bombarded with daily situations, and than BAM he hits me like a brick wall.

The other day I was doing errands for Strata set up, getting things our house needed (garbage cans etc) and feeling really stressed about our first mortgage payment and property taxes and everything else we pretend doesn’t exist. than BAM, in the middle of Blackwoods I am floored with his unfailing love for me.

I do this a lot, when I am stressed, I look back in all the ways God has been there for me, i call them my stepping stones. Sometimes I don’t see the next stone, so I look back to see where I came from. I remembered the other day praying with a student, and hearing them say “thank you carla, I really appreciate you”. Have YOU ever heard a teen say Thank you?! I was struck by God, He sees me, He knows how much I love Him and want all to know Him deeply.

Sometimes I forget to pursue God. Sometimes I fill my mind and days with daily tasks and time outs for the toddler and feeding the baby and working on emails while I have two seconds aloneish.

God LOVES me, and sometimes he speaks to me and i don’t listen.

The past month or so, I have been needing to repeat myself a lot with our son (almost three), and at Blackwoods in the middle of an aisle I realized God has been repeating things to me, but i haven’t been listening.

Thank you Carla, I really appreciate you.

I was flooded with moments where i have heard that phrase, but at the moment i didn’t remember hearing them. How can that HAPPEN!? Why am I so foolish to not hear this.

I was hit again this morning. My sister posted a video of a couple who adopted a God called connection to this little girl they were meant to have. And it hit me, as they were discussing all the ways God revealed himself to them in this specific setting, I to have had so many revelations that I have chosen to ignore.

Thank you Carla for all you do, I really Appreciate you.

In this sense, I shouldn’t have childlike attitude to my Childlike faith.

What is God saying to you? are you listening?IMG_2410

just because this moment NEVER happens.


Double Income, Two Kids

I love my family, job, spouse, lifestyle (trying to be healthier, post to follow), and my kids.

 My husband has been supportive of my schooling, work, youth leadership and now my youth leadership has become my work being a youth pastor. I really don’t know anyone that is in my position, Small children, full time working husband, and being a youth pastor. I know a lot of youth pastors, but it is different being the female/mom and being in a ministry position that is nights and weekends demanding as a youth pastor.


I love that we have both taken paternity for our kids, we have supported our endeavours to finish our BA’s, play sports, work out, have outside hobbies in general, but for some reason we keep hitting a wall of priorities.  I am sure most marriages hit this wall in different ways.  Our oldest is turning three this summer and we will slowly get busier with soccer, pre-school, play dates on top of our regular routine we are trying to get into a groove with now.

 So how do people do it? how do you choose what is important without compromising everywhere? I love going to every grad ceremony, cheering on sports teams, and having one on one coffee dates with students and leaders. But that involves being out 2-3 times a week and a couple times on the weekend outside of regular work hours.  We have recently gotten into a small argument about a weekend baseball tournament my husband wishes to attend, but it is during my missions trip (away for 10 days) and we don’t have a ton of support when it comes to watching the kids longer than a few hours. I don’t feel comfortable with the idea, and he just wants to play and is upset that I am away for 10 days. We knew this was going to happen every two years with my ministry/ job description, and despite as much communication as we can have, we still fall short on the understanding department.

I know this sounds dumb, but this kind of conversation happens a lot, I apologize and compensate for the outside of 9-5 hours i work (that are apart of the job), but than i think, how much should I be doing? am I doing enough? am I bad mom? am I putting my family last?  When all these questions hit me, i start cleaning more, working harder at home and at the office, I try to take on the impossible and a lot of the times I fail.

 It can only be through Him who gives me strength. I know when i start feeling burnt out, broken, ready to hide under my blanket and give up, that is Satan’s way of say “aha! I told you being a pastor was stupid, your not good enough, don’t you SEE your child hates you?! don’t you see that you suck at mentoring, discipling, and maintaining a youth group?”

I can do all things through Him who gives me strength.

I can do ALL things through Him who gives me STRENGTH.

I need to call out, know that these are normal issues in ministry, life as a parent, and spousal disagreements.

I can do all things through HIM who gives me strength.

I know that what i am doing is for HIS glory, and I know that I LOVE MINISTRY! I love my youth, my leaders, my church, my everything.

 I know that my kids love me, and my son loves cuddling me and letting me read and pray with him, he LOVES Church and loves his church friends, and LOVES knowing where my office is. He loves me.

I know my daughter loves middle of the night snuggles, and playing with me, and smiling, and going to daycare. But I know she knows she is loved by me.

My husband knows i am doing my best, and I am supporting every way i can, And that I should be in ministry despite how spiritually difficult it is at times.

I know that only through Jesus Christ, I can do this life well. and live life to the fullest!


So yes, I am Double Income 2 Kids. It is hard, stressful, but so fulfilling, full of love, and full of God’s grace.

If you see me, maybe buy me a coffee 🙂 or SUSHI! but i know I am not the only one who has these thoughts and feelings.




Learning to step out into the rain

Yesterday, it poured. Now, when I say “poured” I mean buckets and sheets of water being dumped from the sky. My family and I live in Southern British Columbia and we know rain. We live in rain. It isn’t called “Raincouver” for any other reason, other than it always seems to rain. We have a whole bunch of different terms for rain here as well. There is sprinkling, showers, misting, drizzle, heavy, light, pouring etc. Today it poured. The rain started out as a drizzle and soon within minutes was coming down in buckets. I know this all, because I was in it.

I was having a discussion with my cousin today about our love for rain and why it never seems to bother us. We both seem to not be fazed by that wet stuff falling from the sky and seem to live in the minority because of this. I first noticed this about myself when I lived in Windsor, Ontario. Windsor has a different weather pattern than here in Vancouver. Windsor experiences monsoon rain and only for a few minutes at a. It can be a nice day and then out of nowhere 15 minutes of pouring rain will show up and disappear almost as quickly as it appeared.

One day I was going for a run along the river, while my hubby was in class, and it started to rain. Instead of turning back to wait it out my Vancouver instinct said to just stick it out and keep going. If we were to wait for the rain to stop, here in Vancouver, than we would never get anything done. So I kept running. When I started my run I would pass a fellow human being every once and awhile but as the rain started and quickly picked up I noticed my human encounters became few and far between. After a while, I realized I was the only person outside in the rain. I am not even joking. This became a common occurrence during my 3 years of living in Southern Ontario. They just did not do rain.

Rain is where I find refuge. Rain is where I feel free. Rain is what helps me let go of being in control and just let myself get wet. I soak in the chaos. Nothing stays dry when it is outside in the rain. Not one part of you is protected from those wet drops from above. Learning to love the rain is almost a necessity when living in my home town.  If you don’t love it, you will spend a lot of days being disappointed by it. Rain tends to get a bad rap, but not with me. Once I learned the joys that come in the rain, my life became more manageable.

That first moment when it starts to rain and you have to make the plunge outside, You try your best to dodge the raindrops and the puddles forming at your feet. You shrug off one or two drops as they hit your shoulders, head and back, you duck under other items to try and shield you from the falling rain. This image reminds me of parenting my children. So often do I try and avoid actually parenting. I try and dodge the fights and fend off the whining. I want to avoid getting messy and actually diving into a conversation with my kids in fear that they will need me for something. Need me to play with them, need me to feed them, need me to read to them, need me to wipe their bottoms. So much of my day is spent trying to set them up to play independently when all they want is for me to dive in and have fun along side them.

So many excuses roll off my tongue as my son begs me to pick up the lego and build him a house. I buy myself more time alone by using the false hope that in 10 minutes I will spend time with them. Ten minutes rolls around and now I need to prep dinner or do laundry. Avoiding the little hands that are reaching out to me in my own effort to stay “dry”.

This hit me today, hard.

I do this. I avoid my children as if spending time with them is as annoying as getting soaking wet in the rain. Spending time in imagination world with my children is hard because I am an adult and I have lost all ability to carry on a conversation with a lego man and a barbie doll. 5 minutes into playing with them and I am ready to move on and call it a day. Playing with them is not interesting. There are way more pinterest boards that need to be filled and instagram pictures that need to be taken. In all honesty, I would rather take a picture of them playing together than be playing alongside them.


I stood in the rain and I let it soak into my clothes. I let the cold water run down my face and into my mouth. I planted my feet and didn’t hide from the downpour of water falling from the sky. Soon this monsoon will pass. Soon the sun will come out and I will dry. Soon my babies will stop asking me to play with them. Soon they will push me aside and prefer people who are much cooler than me. I know this day will come. I know the rain will stop. Those little children of mine, do not know this day is coming. They think it will rain forever. They think I will always be their hero. They come to me with open arms and soak me in each day. They are not annoyed by me. They always want to spend time with me.

Yes the days are long and the years are short. It’s true. Truer than I would like.

But our goal should not be about making the super long day end. Our goal shouldn’t be to wake up from our interrupted horrible sleep and then count down the minutes until we get to pretend to go to bed again. Those little night wakers are not out to destroy our lives. We are their lives. We are there everythings. We are their heroes. So often I am reminded that I am failing at this. So often I am brought to tears about how horrible I have been to them. How I did not treat them like I would want them to treat other people.

This moment spent in the rain reminded me that I need to soak in my time with my kids. I don’t have to enjoy it. I don’t have to be good at it. I just need to get on the floor and be with them. I need to plant my feet, take a deep breath and not move from their side. I need to soak them in and let those sticky little hands cover me with love. The laundry can wait and probably should. The kitchen can get cleaned later. Your facebook and instagram are not going anywhere. If I am their world, their whole life, shouldn’t I do my very best to make it a happy one? Shouldn’t I allow myself to be immersed in their worlds while they let me?


Excuse me while I go and stand in the rain.




Moving and redoing 

I have so many things I could say  in this post. but the main thing is that I am so excited to be done! and settled in our new place.


But here is the update on my fun life. My Husband and I bought our first home!  a cute little duplex townhouse (yay we got into a duplex vs row). it backs onto a greenbelt and has a larger than usual backyard.  We bought it 3 months ago before townhouses were going up (they were just starting) and didn’t even have to go into bidding wars or anything. I am so THANKFUL that we got this place. The mortgage is the same as rent and the strata is reasonable because there aren’t any amenities with the small 30 house complex.


That being said. there is always something to look forward to in repair and replacement.

I hadn’t seen this space since march for 20 minutes when we did our only look (because we knew the market was starting on townhouses). so we bought quickly. I walked in on June 1st with a few “huh, i don’t remember it being this dark” and ” hmm  i didn’t realize how small this was”. slowly throughout the week it went ” wow, so thankful i like the light fixtures!” and ” wow the kitchen is actually larger than i remember”.  So here is some of the highlights!


The whole house was BROWN, like DARK BROWN. so we wanted white. and it took 4 Coats!

above is our daughters room! 8 months old, and she gets her own room for the first time!


Above is the hallway from the bedrooms. I think that was coat number 2.



these photos are not in order. This is my daughter. she is 8 months and loves crawling and exploring! she just started standing for the first time 2 days ago… NOT READY!

EVERY ONE needs my mother in law! she has come over and painted so much for us! and she is good! she has made it bareable to live here and she is so fast! This is our kitchen. Also PLUS we love the Flooring



In our old place, we had a lot of space and had to sell our larger items and replaced them with small more cute items. I am so excited that we have these grey leather dining room chairs

we also purchased these cute white chairs for our living room that can also be used in the dining room

above is our bedroom. we used a dark grey wall and we will be making it a chalkboard wall!


My brother was my realtor, and he said to make sure all the lightbulbs were there becuase sometimes people take those with them. I sent him this photo. I said, pretty sure they didnt take them otherwise they would of had to touch the bugs.


our living room before we painted it white! I will have more detailed photo’s in the future!



On top of renoing, my husband and I have been working full time. I have been working overtime with youth grads and life. I am really happy that we got a place, and I am so thankful for everyone who has helped us move and brought food!


This will most likely be the first one many DIY ideas


LOVE – OWL (Carla)

Flight Path Park, Vancouver BC

Flight Path Park

Russ Baker Way, Richmond, BC V7B 1C4

spring 272

We arrived at around 5:30 pm with subway sandwiches and snacks in tow. We brought my sons running bike and a picnic blanket as well. When we arrived the planes were taking off away from the park (west) and were harder to see, but still had a great view. What was so great was that they were flying right over our heads when they were coming in to land. You could see their head lights slowly approaching which made for great excitement from our two year old. “They are coming!!!!!”

The reason I took note of our arrival time was because at around 6 pm the air planes changed direction of coming and going. We had the opportunity to watch them take off right over our heads as well. We even saw a helicopter land.

spring 274

We spent a lot of time watching air planes land and take off but that was not the only exciting part of this park. They have a great little mock air strip for children to run and ride bikes on. My son had a blast pretending to be an airplane and even tried to keep up with them as they flew over head. There is a really neat dome globe with a whole bunch of flight paths that planes take from the YVR air port. This dome is surrounded by poster flags that have facts and interesting information about the comings and going-ons at YVR.

There are not many picnic tables but there are a lot of park benches and large grass areas for picnic blankets. They have garbage bins and recycling but no public restrooms. Our family keeps a small portable potty in our Van for those emergency situations with toddlers but sorry mom and dad, you have to hold it! There is not a lot of parking but if the spots are all filled just get back on the main road and immediately take your first right. There is street parking along the field.

over all for our two toddlers we would rate this park as a must for all airplane lovers.



This Earth is Not Your Home

My sweet little babes drove me crazy yesterday. I actually stopped at one point and looked in the mirror and could not believe who was staring back at me. I looked tired, worn out, and really not friendly. While trying to fix my hair (as if that would have helped) a question popped into my head,

“What am I doing?”

Why do I wake up some days and start the count down to bed time? Why did I make the many decisions I made to bring me to the point I am at? Why are these two beautifully chaotic children my beautiful responsibility? What am I doing with my life? How am I raising my children to thrive rather than just survive?

Not all days are bad. Lots of days are great. Not all moments are stressful. Lots of moments bring tears of joy and peace to my heart.

I sat down last night, as the loves of my life slept, and tried to write a little recap of what I have been learning lately, as a mother and a child of the Great King. My prayer is that this will cause you to turn your eyes to the one who longs for your heart.


To my God who loves me so fiercely and to my children whom I love so dearly. Finding the Balance between living this life to Glorify God and also raising our next generation to see just how much we need Him. My children were entrusted to me but they are not mine. Their life is my responsibility but their hearts to do not belong to me. A hard pill for this mama to swallow.

This Earth is Not your Home

I have been told you are not mine.

They say you are on loan.

Yes, I am your mom,

But this earth is not your home.

I have been put in charge, that’s true,

but your life is not mine to rule.

Although I am training and equipping you

so you have all the tools.

My job is not to be the boss

but to seek the one who is,

making sure that we are BOTH

aware of what the real truth is.

Spending time alone each day,

listening to Him call.

Providing you with room to grow

and a net for when you fall.

I am holding on for dear life

yet learning to grip more lightly.

The world does not seem safe anymore

raising children sure is frightening.

He has called me to love you

but then says, I need to let go.

How can I do this mommy thing?

I look to Him,  I am not alone.

I have been told you are not mine.

They says you are on loan.

Although I am your mom,

This earth is not your home.

One day, if you are so blessed,

you will strike off on your own.

Making your own life choices.

Have I prepared you to be alone?

Have I shown you that you are strong

but you are also very weak.

Have I taught you who to rely on?

Have I demonstrated how to be meek?

Did I rely too much on my own strength

and not show the importance of being still?

Did my life reflect the beauty and danger

of living with free will?

Before I could stop myself,  dear child,

I gave my heart to you.

But my Lord is telling me today,

that it was a silly thing to do.

This world is but a moment.

These faces but a drop.

The relationship with Christ

is what will come out on top.

That is all that matters.

The matter of your soul.

Please hear me when I say

This earth is not your home.

Invest in your heart,

and in those hearts all around.

Your house is just a house

it can burn to the ground.

Your job is just a job

to make life feel more at ease.

Heed my advice sweet child,

Listen to me please.

I know you are not mine.

My investment is not a loan.

I give my life to show you

That this earth is not your home.



Monck Provincial Park

We went camping again this past weekend. The weather got up to 35 degrees and we were so very thankful to have chosen the place we did. Monck Provincial Park is located on Nicola Lake just outside of Merritt, B.C. The lake is calm, beautiful and very refreshingly clean. The campsite is set on the shore line of Nicola lake and offers over 150 different types of sites to camp on. Half of them are reservable and a fair chunk of them are first come first serve. The climate is hot and dry and the vegetation is desert like.  In addition to providing recreational opportunities, such as boating , fishing and plenty of small hikes,  Monck protects a ponderosa pine, bunchgrass ecosystem and a volcanic rock cliff landscape.


We choose to camp at Monck early in the year, no later than mid june, due to the hot climate. Monck becomes quite busy and hard to reserve come the summer months. We avoid it all together for the months of July and August. It also gets super humid and hot.

13397024_10156970892065405_1209221586_o (1)

And this was June 5th!


13383971_10156970905130405_1028031840_o13393053_10156970905455405_359922557_n13410631_10156970889655405_1086521911_o (1)13388773_10156970892140405_1291891562_o

When bringing young children camping you have to be creative on how to keep them busy and out of the sunshine for too long. We would play at the beach in the early morning and then again before dinner. But during the hours of 11am and 3pm, we found refuge in our tent trailer for a hot and sticky nap or we took our air conditioned car out for a refreshing drive into the Merritt at the beautiful Starbucks and Dairy Queen Drive throughs all while our children napped in the back. shhh.. do not tell them we eat treats while they nap.

13389102_10156970903680405_388443213_o (1)

The water was cold but when there are toys involved no one seems to care.
picnics at the beach are always a good idea.
This was late afternoon and we were all desperate to cool off.
Bed time is always a little later when we are camping. So to help calm them down we bring out the puzzles and the games. This one is called Rhino Hero. It is hands down my 3 year old’s favorite. It was given to us by her best little buddy for her birthday. It is also his favorite game. Toddler and Mommy approved.


we invested in a new game and it was well worth it. Bolo! Give it a try.


13389102_10156970903680405_388443213_o (1)
The large trees provide ample shade where it is a few degrees cooler.
Breakfast with a view. It was 8am and we were almost too hot in the sunshine.


I honestly love cooking outside. This was a rare moment for me. My husband normally does all the cooking during our camping trips but on this particular day the boys were out all day fishing with our church at the father son fishing trip. So, I was left to fend for the ladies.


We had a lot of fun this weekend and Monck Provincial park did not disappoint.

How can you go wrong when you spend time away from ordinary life and explore the great outdoors with your family by your side?






We Have a Winner!!



Contact tumble and roar for you beautiful tee in the size of your choice!

Thank you to everyone to participated! Looking forward to another give away in the near future!


-lion and owl

Featured Female: Carlee

I have been so honoured to be one of the many who have watched this beautiful lady go from a single beautiful girl to a married stunning mama. Now as she stands in the middle of owning her own little business we are proud to help spread the word about this amazing lady and the company she started.


Name and Business:

Hi I’m Carlee from Tumble and Roar Apparel, an online based kids apparel company. I design all my products myself and have them either printed or sewn locally in Vancouver. I started my shop in December of last year, so I just passed my 6 month mark!


How many years have you been pursuing this passion of yours and what brought about this passion?

I am a mom to a 2 year old boy, Luca and he is the inspiration behind Tumble and Roar Apparel. Prior to becoming a mom, I worked in fashion retail management for many years and clothing and dressing people up was one of my passions! When Luca was born, I started to get into shopping locally for him. I loved finding unique pieces for Luca and supporting local shops was much more rewarding than buying from big box stores.

Around the time of my sons 1st birthday, I started to get that feeling like I was losing myself a bit in mommy-hood. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE being a stay-at-home mom and I find it so rewarding to spend my days with Luca. I feel extremely lucky that I don’t have to work outside the home right now. But I also felt like I needed something else in my life that was ‘mine,’ that I could work on and use as a creative outlet; this is where the idea of Tumble and Roar Apparel came from.

Tell me about your family

My husband and I met in University, we both were recruited to play for the Trinity Western varsity soccer teams. I grew up on Vancouver island and my hubby Nick grew up in Montreal, so when we met you could say we were quite different; think island girl meets city boy. We became friends fast and by our second year we were officially a couple.

We married in 2010 in Nick’s hometown of Montreal and welcomed our baby boy Luca in 2014.


How do you balance work and home life?

Oh this is a sticky question! I would love to say that I have dedicated hours for my Tumble and Roar workload and that I have a Pinterest-worthy, beautifully organized workspace…. But that isn’t always the case. Life with a toddler is unpredictable and chaotic, so I try my best to do the majority of my work for Tumble when Luca is napping or asleep for the night. But emails and orders need to be checked and filled and that sometimes happens right in the middle of lunchtime or backyard playtime. It’s a complete juggling act- and sometimes I feel like a super mom and sometimes I feel like a super failure; but in the end, the work gets done and the playtime never stops with a 2 year old!


What is your goal for you company?

My goals for Tumble and Roar really correspond with my family life. I want to run a successful at-home business that brings me joy and fulfillment, but this business cannot get in the way of my first priority: my family. This business fulfills a passion of mine, but I do and always will put my job as mama bear first!

I love the creative process of designing something from nothing and seeing it come to life! When I receive photos back from customers of their little ones rocking one of my designs, the feeling is indescribable! My goal is to make my customers happy; I want them to love my designs and the quality of the pieces. Being a mom myself, I only create and sell items that I would dress my own child in. I focus on creating unique pieces that are high quality and comfortable.

What is your outlet?

When I need to clear my head- I go for a run or head to the local yoga studio. These two activities are my outlets; they are my therapy.

What motivates you?

I am SO motivated by some of the amazing people in my life; especially my fellow mama friends. I am always so humbled and inspired by how strong and selfless these woman are. Spending time with other moms is so rewarding to me because it is such a community and every family is so different and dynamic, but all these moms are killing it and are rock stars in my eyes. These ladies motivate me to be a better mom, better wife, better friend, and better business person whenever we connect.


What sucks the life out of you?

There’s a saying we used to use in my old occupation of ‘eat the worm.’ This message relates to your ‘to do’ lists and conquering the thing on there that is most annoying, most bothersome and most difficult. A common habit is to ignore that ‘worm’ and check off all the other items and are more enjoyable. (Isn’t is so satisfying to check items off a list?!?) However, that ‘worm’ will just haunt you and weigh on you until it’s done; hence ‘eat the worm!’ Get rid of it first!

When I don’t ‘eat the worm’ and the same daunting task rolls over on my weekly to do list from week to week…. the life gets sucked out of me! I really should learn from this lesson, but it’s one that repeats itself much too frequently- oops!


Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

In ten years I see myself being THAT carpool mom, driving kiddos to school and activities and loving the mom-life. I hope I’m sitting on the soccer field sidelines with my other mom friends, with coffee in hand, watching our mini’s play their little hearts out! My hubby will be there on the sidelines too- probably coaching!

What does your dream retirement look like?

I hope it’s filled with family, friends and happiness; whatever that may look like in 30+ years 🙂

Thank you so much Carlee for your honest answers and for sharing your creativity with the world. So inspired by your heart for motherhood and for making something that is your “own”. Keep it up lady.

Also, Thank you for your generous donation of a T-Shirt for one of our very lucky followers.

image1 (2)

Stay tuned tonight at 6pm PST for the announcement of our give away! Check out and follow tumble and roar and you will soon become as in love with their toddler clothes as we are.

Instagram : @tumbleandroar

Facebook: tumbeandroar

Web site:  tumble and roar 


-lioness and Carlee!