Finger licking French Toast : letting little fingers cook

Getting children involved in cooking is exhausting. Letting those little wild bodies into my kitchen that I just spent half the day cleaning sounds like the world’s worst idea. It adds double the clean up. You have to clean them up and then clean everything they touched and then clean the whole kitchen again. It raises my blood pressure and causes me to clench my teeth in utter annoyance as once again my son drops an egg on the floor after I asked him to stop wiggling and calm his body down.

Breath, just breath.

Now that I have that song stuck in your head (you know the one)  Read how I changed my attitude about having children in the kitchen. Learn how I deal with having those little fingers and hands and hair(?) get all up in my business and mess up my kitchen on a daily basis.

I had a roommate once who was never introduced to cooking as a young child or even as a teen. This trickled into her young adult life and we she moved out on her own she felt limited to just cooking by reading directions on the box of food she bought. She did not have confidence in her own abilities to cook and often would feel intimidated to even try. She didn’t have the courage to make mistakes in the kitchen. Adding new ingredients and trying to combine flavors freaked her out and actually caused her to shrink away from cooking duties. Now I realize that not everyone is Canada’s next top Chef, But having confidence and courage in the kitchen bring amazing freedom to a person. It also can branch out into all areas of life.

She is now an amazing cook and will make me the most delicious of lunches. She has found her groove in the kitchen and is owning her weakness and thriving in her strengths. It took practice and a lot of cooking lessons from her amazing chef of a husband.

Knowing her story has helped me to relax a bit when it comes to my little people helping me to make dinner. Learning how to cut and mix and crack an egg and even boil water at the age of 4 is not a rare find in my household. Although I often only let them be involved in the prep work and setting the table lately I have been introducing them to using the oven or even the Griddle. Lowering my own expectations and seeing it as preparing them for their future has helped me immensely in my reservations about having them as my assistants in the kitchen. There will be a day when they do not want to help and that day will be too late. There is no way they will want me to teach them how to cook and it will become a choir. For now, they are willing and believe it or not, they are able. So today I want to share with you our adventure in making french toast.

Finger Licking French Toast Made exclusively by My little lion cubs!

Ingredients :

  • 1/2 cup of milk
  • 6 eggs
  • 2tsps vanilla
  • 2tsps cinnamon
  • 10 pieces of stale bread (we used fresh sour dough but any bread works well. stale bread soaks up the egg the best)
  • oil or butter for the griddle or frying pan

Mix the wet ingredients in a bowl with a whisk until combined. Add cinnamon and mix well. Pour mixture into a large dish with a flat bottom.


Turn griddle or frying pan on


At this time I also get the side dishes ready if I am making any. We had bacon and soft boiled eggs.

Then when the griddle is heated we put the oil or butter on it and then we dip the bread in the mixture and then place it on the well greased griddle. I let them do the dipping and had a cloth next to the bowl for them to clean their fingers. I helped place the bread on the griddle as to ensure their little fingers didn’t touch the hot surface. After a few pieces my 4 year old understood and I trusted him enough to try on one his own. I am pretty sure he is still smiling about that.


Then while we are waiting for the first batch to cook I let them set the table. After they put the plates and forks and knives we add the syrup and the butter.

Then we flip the french toast!13334463_10156931378780405_432404462_o


Now while they cook on the other side we check our side dishes

Eggs and Bacon are done! Add them to the table.

Yes, my daughter is kissing the boiled eggs. She is a free spirit. My son has not figured her out yet.

after you finished cooking all the toast I had a little bit of the egg mixture left. so instead of leaving it and letting it go to waist I added it to the griddle and made some scrambled eggs. My kiddos loved it!

When everything was ready, I got my children to call their daddy for brunch and we celebrated their amazing meal together by thank my little helpful people and devouring all the food.

13334506_10156931378550405_754983931_o (1)

Apparently they smelled very delicious too.

13321294_10156931378345405_324881328_o (1)


I hope you find a little inspiration in getting your children involved and letting them help you cook. You can do it, and so can they!


-Lion and her little cubs.


p.s Their aprons were made by a local mom who does it for a hobby. We are blessed to be a family who she is willing to make them for. If you are interested in finding out more about her custom aprons shoot me an email and I will she if she is up for another order:)



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